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The Roving Diner Bitterroot Edition: The Wild Mare and The Catered Table Restaurants

By BOB ZIMORINO - The 'Roving Diner' serves up a restaurant review on The Wild Mare and The Catered Table in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.... more

Teach It: The Spore Project

By ANNIE GRAHAM - I am so glad that my kids got to decorate the campus of the University of Montana with paper bag mushrooms for a weekend. I think they will remember it for a lifetime.... more

The Missoula Maze

By ANNIE GRAHAM -For the past few years, we have spent the Sunday of Columbus Day at the Missoula Maze. And this year did not disappoint.... more

The Roving Diner: Chico Hot Springs Restaurant and Resort

By BOB ZIMORINO - The 'Roving Diner' serves up a restaurant review on Chico Hot Springs Restaurant and Resort. ... more

Spectrum Downtown: Bigger Location, Better Hours, Same Liquid Nitrogen Cheetos

By ANNIE GRAHAM - I love the way my kids respond when I tell them we’re going to the all new SPECTRUM science museum in downtown Missoula. It’s like they’re going to Disneyland, only better!... more

Learning with Meaning: Exploring the Love of Learning

By BRANDON KENDALL - My goal this year is to supply my students with materials and then respectfully remove myself so that they might make their own discoveries.... more

Starting the School Year with a Roundhouse Kick

By ANNIE GRAHAM - Four years ago, during our search for the perfect after school activity, we discovered Taekwondo. It offers discipline, respect for others, constant activity, and an avenue for competition. ... more

Studying the Natural World with Young Children

By BRANDON KENDALL - My students and I began a year long exploration of weather and how we can make predictions by noticing the outside temperature, wind and clouds.... more

Enjoy the Silence of Missoula

By ANNIE GRAHAM - I live 20 minutes from downtown Missoula and I am blessed with silence. I can hear the crickets chirping in the fields and my son can talk to an owl while he weeds the garden.... more

Inspiring Curious Learners with a Lesson on Hummingbirds

By BRANDON KENDALL - As a teacher, I don't have all answers. As I tell my students, I'm learning as well. I see myself as I life-long learner and I try to inspire that in my students.... more

Family Adventure: Exploring the Clearwater Canoe Trail

By ANNIE GRAHAM - If we can take our six children (all with varied personalities and needs) on a canoe trip, then so can you. Our latest adventure: The Clearwater Canoe Trail.... more

Taking a Break: Summer Camps in Missoula

By BRANDON KENDALL - Summer has finally come to Missoula. For parents interested in continuing your child's learning process this summer, here are some fun, well-balanced ideas.... more

Biking the Hiawatha Trail With Kids

By ANNIE GRAHAM & BRANDON KENDALL - This year for our Memorial Day weekend adventure, we decided to bike the Route of the Hiawatha, a 15 mile “Rails to Trails” bike path that begins in Montana and ends in I... more