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Hamilton Native Tony Neaves Shares His Paralympic Experience

By MARK VOSBURGH - When Nancy Stevens moved to Summit County, Colo., 21 years ago, her guide dog kept bringing her to the door of the same shop. Blind since birth, Stevens, 52, finally went inside. ... more

The Missoula Nordic Ski Club: Your Ticket to Cross Country Skiing

By MARK VOSBURGH - It's officially winter here in Missoula and snow is on the ground. Lets go cross country skiing! The Missoula Nordic Ski Club has got you covered.... more

Is Roller Skiing For The Rest of Us?

By MARK VOSBURGH -Elite Nordic racers and Olympic hopefuls train on roller skis during the off season, but are roller skis for us mere mortals and recreational skiers?... more

Skiers worship “epic” powder Sunday on Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain

By PAUL QUENEAU - Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain and several other locations are busy marking one of the great powder days of recent times.... more

Meet the Toughest Skiier in the Seeley Lake Nordic Ski Race

By MARK VOSBURGH - For me, this year's Over Seeley's Creeks and Ridges race was unforgettable, thanks to adaptive skier Liz Ann Kudrna.... more

Montana Skiing Decisions? Choose Wisely, Grasshopper.

By MARK VOSBURGH - If, like me, you have Split Ski Loyalties Syndrome, you faced a lot of choices last week. Last week's cornucopia of ski options reminded me how great it is to live in Missoula.... more

Missoula Cross-Country and Nordic Skiing – Big Things Happening!

By MARK VOSBURGH - Big things are happening in Missoula's cross-country and Nordic ski scene. There are BIG opportunities for great XC/Nordic skiing on our local trails due to the efforts of our area ski clubs.... more