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Save Money With DIY Haircuts

By ERIN TURNER- With 3 boys, haircuts occur quite frequently around our house. Even if we just went to Cost Cutters we'd spend a fortune every month. Instead, here's a frugal, DIY haircut option. ... more

Budget Friendly Fruit Fly Killer

By ERIN TURNER-Love having the fruit sitting out for a quick walk-by snack for the kids but hate the the fruit flies? Here's a sure-fire and frugal way of killing them:... more

A Year in Review

By ERIN TURNER - Today, I celebrate my one year anniversary of writing the Save It blog for Make It Missoula! What have you learned and what should I write about in 2012?... more

Cyber Couponing

By ERIN TURNER. Having a little retail craving but don’t want to change out of your pajamas to go shopping? Get online and shop to your hearts content using countless cyber coupons and discount codes. ... more