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10 Heavenly Montana Hikes West of the Continental Divide

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Nothing inspires like a heart-pounding hike into Montana's high country. Put these ten picks for memorable hikes on your Montana bucket list!... more

Warrior in the Ring: The Life of Marvin Camel, Native American World Champion Boxer

In the Golden Age of boxing, Marvin Camel—a mixed blood from the Flathead Indian Reservation—defied all obstacles to become the first Native American to win a world boxing title.... more

Greg Brown’s Self-Explanatory Life

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Legendary folk singer and song writer,Greg Brown returns to Missoula on July 27. His connection to Montana stretches back some time and no doubt he'll be doing some fishing while he's here... more

Silent Man: A Life of Bill Bowers

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - World class mime Bill Bowers performs at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts on June 28. “An Evening with Bill Bowers: Stories With and Without Words” - All tickets $20. Proceeds be... more

Hotel Deer Lodge: Townsfolk Stake Future in Gorgeous Relic

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - They say that he who loves an old house never loves in vain. Then, perhaps, he who rescues an endangered historic structure loves even more fully.... more

Todd Snider: A Singer’s Life of Jest, Sarcasm and Politics

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Todd Snider, an alt-country, folk/rock, singer/songwriter plays this Tuesday, April 30th at the Elk's Club. He unapologetically cusses, parties, touts drugs, and hammers Republicans in hi... more

Fancy Footwork, Glittery Vocals Galore in MCT’s ‘Footloose’

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Footloose opens at the Missoula Community Theatre on Friday, April 26, and runs through Sunday, May 12. Tickets go on sale April 8.... more

Missoula Art Beat: Photographer Jane Goffe’s Quiet Moments

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Goffe’s images – stark Missoula railways, poised barnyard and agricultural scenes, and windshield-shattered pickup trucks--express her primary manner of feeling, of communicating, of l... more

Tyler Barham: Working on a Nashville Dream

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Dreams without application are barren hallucinations. Tyler Barham is fully invested in his dream – a fantastic trip with a trajectory that could one day get a whole lot more unbelievabl... more

Japanese Exchange Students Expand Life Experiences at MCT

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Mariko Shimada and Mizuho Yamada, Japanese exchange students at the UM, are proof that life expands in proportion to one’s courage.... more

Miss Montana Uses Her Platform, Personal Obstacles to Hearten Autistic Community

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, travels across Big Sky Country talking to kids and using her platform to help the autistic community.... more

It’s the Most Wonderette Time of the Year

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Writer-director Roger Bean has made musical nostalgia his livelihood. His biggest achievement, The Marvelous Wonderettes, comes to MCT.... more

Carol Hedges: The Life of a Fiery Competitor

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Carol Hedges recently returned to Montana from England with a silver medal from a three-day World Cup Taekwondo contest.... more

We’re On the Air! It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Out of the Box Productions, presented by MCT, serves up a dose of 1940’s holiday nostalgia with It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play.... more

Fantastic Fabric: MCT’s Costume Shop Open as Part of First Friday

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Visit the costume shop on First Friday at MCT from 4-8 p.m. There'll be a visit from Santa, live music, carolers, snacks, tours, and giveaways.... more

Scenic Artist Brings “Miracle” Director’s Vision to Life

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Yana Dryden isn’t just painter. She's the scenic artist creating backdrops for MCT’s upcoming production of Miracle on 34th Street The Musical.... more

Rebirth of Boxing: The Montana Boxing Resurgence

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - If boxing is to match Montana's glory days, it needs the skill of a promoter like Shelley Burton and a journeyman fighter like Jesse Uhde.... more

Camelot a Family Affair for 13-year-old ‘Tom of Warick’

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Last week, 13-year-old Dalton Keith debuted in his first Missoula Community Theatre performance, in the role of “Tom of Warick” in Camelot.... more

Missoula Fighter Sets Out On Boxing’s Boulevard of Rugged Dreams

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - At 24, boxer Adam Axelson feels as if he is in the prime of his life. “Boxing is in my blood,” says Axelson, a Butte native who calls Missoula home.... more

Act Out, Get Creative at the Missoula Community Theatre

By BRIAN D'aMBROSIO - Since 1977, the Missoula Community Theatre has strived to be an integral part of the city of Missoula’s artistic and cultural life. Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves and explain t... more

The Life and Artistry of Boat Builder Stu Williams

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Missoula boat builder Stu Williams believes in the sentiment of peace and paddling. He also believes that there are few things designed well.... more

Canine’s Cameo in Camelot to Highlight Adopt-A-Dog Month

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Thanks to a partnership between MCT and the Humane Society of Western Montana, a dog named Misty will be in MCT’s rendition of Camelot.... more

‘Not Your Typical Camelot’: MCT Artistic Director Gives New Slant to an Old Classic

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - In October, MCT Artistic Director Joe Martinez will direct Camelot and bring a fresh set of creative circumstances to a classic play.... more

Strange, Stubborn Troubadour: The Life of James McMurtry

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - True and fierce are two words routinely applied to the songwriting prowess of James McMurtry, who'll play in Missoula on September 20.... more

Hank Williams III: A Family Tradition of Defiance, Dissonance

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Hank Williams III never met his iconic grandfather, but their resemblance is beyond uncanny. And he revels in his boozy, rowdy family tradition.... more

Senator Lee Metcalf: Champion of Conservation, Montana Legend

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Perhaps no U.S. Senator ever was more faithful to sensible, proactive resource management than Montana's Lee Metcalf.... more

Montana Wildernesses: Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1963 as a habitat for migratory birds and is home to a diversity of wildlife.... more

Former Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton’s Path to Happiness

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - While 3-time Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton's public persona was upbeat, inside she fought depression. Today, she shares her path to happiness.... more

Missoula Day Hikes: Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - The 61,000-acre Rattlesnake National Recreation Area is positioned at the northern city limits of Missoula. It's heaven on earth for avid hikers!... more

10 Heavenly Montana Hikes West of the Continental Divide

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Nothing inspires like a heart-pounding hike into Montana's high country. Put these ten picks for memorable hikes on your Montana bucket list!... more

Exploring the Teller National Wildlife Refuge

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Teller National Wildlife Refuge, with its 1,200 acres of tranquil beauty in the Bitterroot Valley near Corvallis, is Montana’s only private refuge. ... more

Dashing Explorer Skip Horner, a Montana Original

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - After 30 years as an adventure travel guide, Skip Horner, the first guide to take clients to all 7 continents, scoffs at the notion of retirement.... more

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Life and Business of Upholsterer Lance Hartley

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - At Lance Hartley’s Missoula shop, there's no team, no business plan, no collaborators. He's built a business on his customer base and reputation.... more

Hidden Gems of Missoula: The Sacred Art & Architecture of St. Francis Xavier Church

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - St. Francis Xavier Church is like no other church in Missoula - a heavenly realm to contrast the drab winter light in an often overcast valley.... more

Sean Kochel and the Vanished Art of Wet Plate Photography

By BRIAN D'AMBROSIO - Montana photographer Sean Kochel resolutely believes that photography is an instrument of fine art and not merely a means of documentary.... more