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Teach It: The Spore Project

By ANNIE GRAHAM - I am so glad that my kids got to decorate the campus of the University of Montana with paper bag mushrooms for a weekend. I think they will remember it for a lifetime.... more

The Missoula Maze

By ANNIE GRAHAM -For the past few years, we have spent the Sunday of Columbus Day at the Missoula Maze. And this year did not disappoint.... more

Spectrum Downtown: Bigger Location, Better Hours, Same Liquid Nitrogen Cheetos

By ANNIE GRAHAM - I love the way my kids respond when I tell them we’re going to the all new SPECTRUM science museum in downtown Missoula. It’s like they’re going to Disneyland, only better!... more

Starting the School Year with a Roundhouse Kick

By ANNIE GRAHAM - Four years ago, during our search for the perfect after school activity, we discovered Taekwondo. It offers discipline, respect for others, constant activity, and an avenue for competition. ... more