The Story Behind the "M"

The "M" is 620 feet above the Missoula Valley floor. It is 125' feet long and 100' feet wide. University of Montana forestry students cut the switchbacks into the side of the hill in the early 1900's. The first "M" was assembled out of whitewashed rocks in 1909, and given a fresh coat of paint by freshmen every year, until 1968, when all those rocks were cemented together with concrete.

Photo by Nelson Kenter,

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Jennifer Slayden – Main Street Realty

I grew up in a loud, musical house with six siblings. My dad was a professor at MSU and my mom stayed at home. To supplement his income, my father used his carpentry and math skills to build houses, putting all of us kids to work around the site. We loved taking the scrap building materials and creating elaborate forts. I enjoyed the process of watching my dad show and sell his spec homes. In college I landed in Missoula […]

Photo Gallery: The Beginnings of Winter in Missoula

By PAUL QUENEAU – Could the mountains above Missoula see 40 inches by this weekend? The snow might not have stuck much to the valley floor, but the mountains are eating it up.

The Best Missoula Neighborhood for Trick or Treating Is…

…Grant Creek! Halloween is still alive and well in Missoula, Montana, at least in the Grant Creek neighborhood. Tonight, we enjoyed it for what it is: A celebration of kids being kids, young and old. A chance to play dress up. An opportunity to imagine “what if,” to be a favorite super hero. Or just an excuse to let loose and be someone else for the night. Oh, to see the glee and excitement on the face of a child, […]

Missoula’s Fall Color: The Best Ever?

By PAUL QUENEAU – I’m just going to say it: This might be the best fall color the Missoula Valley has ever seen. A bold statement, I know, but so are the colors.

The Montana Club – North

You know as soon as you enter The Montana Club’s lodge-style restaurants that they have been developed with their namesake in mind. Bob Powell and Nick Alonzo, The Montana Club owners, are Missoula natives and their Montana values are apparent in all aspects of their restaurants. They have been in business together for over 20 years and friends for even longer. It is because they are natives and a very complementary team that they’ve been able to create a restaurant […]