The Story Behind the "M"

The "M" is 620 feet above the Missoula Valley floor. It is 125' feet long and 100' feet wide. University of Montana forestry students cut the switchbacks into the side of the hill in the early 1900's. The first "M" was assembled out of whitewashed rocks in 1909, and given a fresh coat of paint by freshmen every year, until 1968, when all those rocks were cemented together with concrete.

Photo by Nelson Kenter,

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Jennifer Slayden – Main Street Realty

I grew up in a loud, musical house with six siblings. My dad was a professor at MSU and my mom stayed at home. To supplement his income, my father used his carpentry and math skills to build houses, putting all of us kids to work around the site. We loved taking the scrap building materials and creating elaborate forts. I enjoyed the process of watching my dad show and sell his spec homes. In college I landed in Missoula […]

Habitat For Humanity of Missoula

Who We Are Habitat for Humanity of Missoula is a non-profit, ecumenical, Christian housing ministry dedicated to the elimination of poverty housing in our community and throughout the world. The Missoula affiliate was established in 1991 and is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in February 2013. We have just completed our 45th home and will be building our 46th homes in the 2013 building season. How it Works Habitat partners with eligible families who complete a minimum of 500 Sweat Equity Hours […]

How to Lose a Staring Contest with an Elk

By PAUL QUENEAU – Montana’s rifle hunting season is over, my freezer sits empty, but I’m more grateful than ever for this place that I live.

Missoula’s Fall Color: The Best Ever?

By PAUL QUENEAU – I’m just going to say it: This might be the best fall color the Missoula Valley has ever seen. A bold statement, I know, but so are the colors.

Fundraiser for Friends of 2 Rivers

By JEN SLAYDEN. Please join Friends of 2 Rivers at Flathead Lake Brewing Company on Wednesday, September 21st from 5pm-11pm, to enjoy trivia, friendship, and cold, tasty beer!

Missoula is Like . . . Relaxed Fit Jeans?

By JEN SLAYDEN. Jeans come in such different shapes and styles, each feeling a bit different to wear. Kind of like the styles of each of the town you travel going east and back again through the great state of Montana.

Earth, Wind, and Fire – Bonner Fire

By JEN SLAYDEN. If it takes an act of God to fill up the usually vacant church parking lots on my side of the mountain, I think he has spoken. For in a brief period of twelve hours we felt an earthquake and our little community witnessed the hillside behind West Riverside spark up like a firecracker on steroids.