Silver Summit All Abilities Playground


We are a group of fun-loving individuals, 100% volunteers who have joined with Friends of Missoula Parks, a 501c3 non-profit organization, and Missoula Parks and Recreation to make a big dream come true.

Our vision is this:  a magical playground in the heart of Missoula.  A playground where all children excited by the brightly colored equipment and inviting atmosphere discover elements that accommodate their bodies, mobility devices, or ways of playing.  A place enhanced by art and poetry that celebrates our diversity and strength.  A place that is more than the sum of its parts–that builds community and exceeds our conceptions of what a playground should or could be.  A place where kids are nourished by nature.  And a place where thoughtful design ensures that inclusion happens effortlessly and everyone is enriched in the process.

To say that all children deserve a place to play is an understatement… the truth is all children need a place to play!  All children learn, grow, and develop in virtually every capacity while playing.  As a community we can ensure that every child has this opportunity, no matter what!

We are excited for this playground to become a reality, but the ones who really can’t wait for it are the kids!  And we mean that… many kids simply can’t and shouldn’t have to wait for a community play space that is designed to include them.  We are striving to raise $275,000 to help make this happen.  Any donation will help move this project forward at a pivotal moment, and will secure your legacy in a project bound to bring joy to the Missoula community for years to come.

When will the playground open? It’s open now and phase I construction is complete!
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Missoula, MT
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