Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission


Who We Are

Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission is a ministry to the homeless and hurting in Missoula. We began our work with the homeless and needy in November 1999 through a street ministry under the Higgins Street bridge.


Our Mission is to be God’s hands, feet and heart to the hurting, poor and homeless of the Missoula area as we share, care for, educate, and equip them with the healing and victory that is available through a personal relationship with God.

On any given night, a significant number of Missoula’s homeless men, women, and children congregate under an overpass called the Higgins Street Bridge. In 1999, Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission began its ministry as volunteers brought food and blankets to these homeless people who desparately needed the bare essentials of life. The Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission, which is a 501(c)(3) corporation, has the mission “to passionately pursue changed lives by offering hope to the homeless and needy by demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The Mission’s tag line is “taking Jesus to the streets,” which is accomplished by demonstrating God’s love in practical ways such as providing hot meals, clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, and other comfort to cold, hungry, and hurting individuals. Outreach efforts are based on a commitment to respect each person, addressing specific needs in a personalized manner to bring hope and provide lasting solutions that result in transformed lives of people who then become productive members of the community.

The Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission is associated with the nationwide Association of Gospel Rescue Missions that serve those who are struggling with homelessness, poverty, and recovery issues. These individuals often cannot or will not seek services elsewhere due to mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, or fear. The Mission operates according to Christian charitable values, and all programs and services are offered without regard to gender, race, or faith.


Map to Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission


506 B Toole Ave.
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 542-5240