I grew up in a loud, musical house with six siblings. My dad was a professor at MSU and my mom stayed at home. To supplement his income, my father used his carpentry and math skills to build houses, putting all of us kids to work around the site. We loved taking the scrap building materials and creating elaborate forts. I enjoyed the process of watching my dad show and sell his spec homes.

2016-01-12_1150In college I landed in Missoula and fell in love with the town (and my husband of 21 years!) I lived in several different areas which I loved to explore, getting to know the unique characteristics of each part of Missoula.  When my husband and I bought our first house in Bonner, it was a “starter” home. We ended up staying there 18 years- tearing out walls, building others, painting, scraping, rewiring, modifying, and upgrading. We gutted a carriage house behind the property and rented it as a VRBO for my husband’s fly fishing business.

I earned a degree in music from UM, and for the last twenty-five years have made my career teaching music in various capacities, including private lessons, in local schools, and for a Non-Profit program called the Center for Music by People with Disabilities. CMPD has served over 1,000 clients in the Missoula area since 2000, and I have been happy to be a part of it since its inception, serving students-seniors in many local public schools and nursing homes to this day.

I love to listen. Whether it is to music, or people. I have certifications in Life Coaching and as an Activity Director, and have long enjoyed the process of problem solving, which comes in handy in Real Estate. Throughout the years I have kept a close watch on the Real Estate market and finally decided I was ready to take on the challenge and opportunity to serve my community through becoming a licensed Realtor.

My father is an amazing philanthropist, and at the age of 89 continues to give to his community through volunteer work and financial support. Following his lead, I decided Real Estate would give me the opportunity to give back locally in Missoula. I established a REAL CHANGE program, which designates a generous amount of my personal commissions to be given back to local organizations of my client’s choosing. This feels good to me, and makes a difference in many of the wonderful nonprofits that make Missoula such a great place to live.

I am a Realtor, teacher, a neighbor, a friend. Involved in community, neighborhoods, schools, and all things that Make it Missoula.

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