Our Water Treatment Process

Simply stated – With your input, we define your water problem – explain the best options – provide a written proposal defining methods & expenses. This is provided at no cost. We want to solve your water quality problems in a way that works for you and your budget. This is what makes us different. We support your system after the sale and work to provide water solutions that are low maintenance and long term. Like a lot Montana residents, we are a small diverse firm with  abilities focused on what we know, to serve our local western Montana customers.

What We Do

After we take a look at your water problems we recommend solutions for your water quality needs. ClearWater can supply an array of water filters that guard against hardness, sulfur(rotten egg smell), high acidic water, microbiology contaminants, and iron. The installation of a water softener will make your hard water non existent.Our customized reverse osmosis and carbon drinking water systems produces sparkling great tasting water.  Water treatment systems can protect your family from an array of harmful agents and make life simpler.

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