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Does Your Wine Show Grape Restraint?

WINEGUYMIKE - It’s late at night and I’m sitting in my office drinking a very mediocre Argentinean Pinot Noir from the Patagonia region listening to the best of Bob Dylan.... more

WineGuyMike: What’s Your Wine Style?

WINEGUYMIKE - Welcome to 2014. Today I’m going to talk about style, your wine style preference is what I’m referring to - Do you prefer an Old World or a New World wine?... more

WineGuyMike: Old Vine Zinfandel

WINEGUYMIKE - (VIDEO) This week I’m sharing one of those comfort wines in this transitional season of fall. Zinfandel is full bodied, fruit forward, and a spicy red wine.... more

Kingston Family Vineyards

WINEGUYMIKE - (VIDEO) I had a chance to sit down via Skype with Courtney Kingston, owner of Kingston Family Vineyards in the Casablanca Valley of Chile, to find out what is new with her family's wines. ... more

The Great Wines of Tuscany

WINEGUYMIKE - Italy has been producing wine for 3,000 years and it is said that Italy is not a country, just one gigantic vineyard from the North to South. ... more

Perfect Wine Pairings for Grilled Beef

WINEGUYMIKE - Bust out the grill, sunshine and nice weather are finally here and there is nothing tastier than grilled beef that is well paired with the right wine selection.... more

WineGuyMike: Nouveau Chardonnay

WINEGUYMIKE - Chardonnay is one of the most maligned grapes in modern history--yet this classic grape remains one of the best varietals there is for food and cheese pairing. ... more

WineGuyMike: State of Grape

WINEGUYMIKE - To understand the State Of The Grape one must first realize where it all began. In the late sixties and very early seventies wine was identified by wine drinkers as red and white.... more

Pairing Wine With Food for Easter Dinner

WINEGUYMIKE - For wine, Easter may be the most important holiday of the year when you consider its use in religious ceremonies. But pairing wine with food is always a fine balance.... more

WineGuyMike: Mission Sustainable with Halter Ranch Vineyards & Winery

WINEGUYMIKE - Halter Ranch Vineyard's philosophy is simple: Grow premium grapes, incorporate Old World technique and New World technologies, to produce elegant wines in a sustainable way.... more

WineGuyMike: Balletto–A Great American Wine Story

WINEGUYMIKE - An entrepreneur based in the Russian River Valley, located in Sonoma County, John Balletto rose up from practically nothing to producing world-class wines.... more

WineGuyMike: Fondue For You and Chenin Blanc too

WINEGUYMIKE - Chenin Blanc wine pairs perfectly with Fondue. I'm offering up my favorite Cheesy Fondue recipe along with two of my favorite Chenin Blanc wines. From my table to yours--Cheers! ... more

WineGuyMike: CrossBarn Winery

WINEGUYMIKE reviews Paul Hobb's latest collaborative efforts with winemaker Scott Morrison at CrossBarn Winery in Sonoma, California.... more

WineGuyMike: What’s in a Glass?

By WINEGUYMIKE - Recently, WineGuyMike attended a stemware demonstration with Maximillian Riedel, an 11th generation family member of the Riedel Wine Glass Company.... more

WineGuyMike: Ice-Wine

By WINEGUYMIKE - (VIDEO BLOG) Making wine each and every vintage can be very difficult. Winemakers are at the mercy of Mother Nature and never know for sure until harvest time what the bounty of the crop has y... more