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Severe Storms Forecast For Western Montana This Afternoon and Evening

By PAUL QUENEAU - The National Weather Service just reiterated that this afternoon and evening may be a very bumpy ride in the Missoula area. Expect 50 mph winds, hail, and lots of rain.... more

Missoulians Gather in a Spiritual Plea for Snow!

By MARK VOSBURGH - The fine folks at the West Central Montana Avalanche Foundation are throwing an epic Pray for Snow Party at Caras Park on Friday, Oct. 5.... more

Smoke Be Damned: Fall Is Headed Our Way

By PAUL QUENEAU - It’s been bad around the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys these past couple months. But a Pacific deliverance and autumn may well be headed this way.... more

Young Men, Fire, and the Missoula Fire Lab

By MARK VOSBURGH - It's August, it's hot, and it's fire season. If you haven't read Norman Maclean's Montana literary classic, "Young Men and Fire", now is the time.... more

Severe Storms Forecast to Pummel Western Montana This Afternoon

By PAUL QUENEAU - Severe Storms forecast to pummel western Montana this afternoon. One-inch hail, damaging winds and flash flooding all possible.... more

Montana Wildfires: What Are the Odds?

By MARK VOSBURGH - With the Scratch Gravel Hill fire burning near Helena, our wildfire season has begun in Western Montana. What are the odds of forest near you burning?... more

Will Our Forests Burn this Summer?

By MARK VOSBURGH - You are a fire-adapted Missoulian. Wildfires don't come as a surprise, but the question lingers: Will this be one of those summers that brings fires?... more

Photo Gallery | Gratitude as Mount Jumbo’s South Zone Reopens

By PAUL QUENEAU - Today, Mount Jumbo's south zone reopens to people after its winter hibernation so that the elk and mule deer could range in peace. ... more

Skiers worship “epic” powder Sunday on Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain

By PAUL QUENEAU - Lolo Pass, Whitefish Mountain and several other locations are busy marking one of the great powder days of recent times.... more

Missoula and Surrounding Valleys Anticipate a New Storm

By PAUL QUENEAU - A winter storm is expected to hit the Missoula, Bitterroot, Mission, and Flathead valleys with high winds and heavy mountain snow on Wednesday.... more

Missoula Bucks Lightening their Loads

By PAUL QUENEAU - February is antler-shedding month for many whitetails and mule deer around western Montana. ... more

The Big Snow Cometh: Schools Closed, 30 inches at Lost Trail

By PAUL QUENEAU - Missoula awoke this morning a foot of snow and flakes still falling. Here are the latest snowfall reports from around Western Montana.... more

The Big Storm: A Foot of Snow in Town by Friday?

By PAUL QUENEAU - It appears that winter might make up for lost time. The National Weather Service is calling for two inches overnight Tuesday followed by as much a foot in the valley by Thursday morning.... more

The 20 Best Montana Outdoor Photos of 2011

By PAUL QUENEAU - Missoula writer and photographer Paul Queneau shares his twenty favorite outdoors photos that he took around Western Montana in 2011. Enjoy!... more

Mount Jumbo to Close Dec 1 for Elk Herd Winter Range

The snow has started to fly, and that means it's time for Mount Jumbo's elk herd to return to their winter range. The North and South Zones of Mt. Jumbo will close for the winter on December 1.... more

How to Lose a Staring Contest with an Elk

By PAUL QUENEAU - Montana’s rifle hunting season is over, my freezer sits empty, but I’m more grateful than ever for this place that I live.... more

Photo Gallery: The Beginnings of Winter in Missoula

By PAUL QUENEAU - Could the mountains above Missoula see 40 inches by this weekend? The snow might not have stuck much to the valley floor, but the mountains are eating it up.... more

Storm Bears Down – Prelude to a 2011 Monster Montana Winter?

By PAUL QUENEAU - [Photo Gallery] - Late tonight, a powerful cold front will sweep across western Montana. Could we be in for a repeat of last year's epic winter weather?... more

Paul Queneau Showcases Missoula’s Stunning Fall Foliage

Paul Queneau sent us so many gorgeous fall color photos for his post, Missoula's Fall Colors: The Best Ever?, that we couldn't resist putting them all in one big gallery for you to enjoy.... more

Missoula’s Fall Color: The Best Ever?

By PAUL QUENEAU - I’m just going to say it: This might be the best fall color the Missoula Valley has ever seen. A bold statement, I know, but so are the colors.... more