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Living Laboratory: State Arboretum at the University of Montana

On April 4, 1991, the Montana legislature and the Board of Regents designated the arboretum at the University of Montana. Today, three stories of plants reach to the ceiling of the University Center.... more

Tyler Hobbs: Life After Griz Football

By PATRICK RECORD - Former starting defensive tackle and team captain Tyler Hobbs looks back on his years as a Montana Griz football player.... more

Missoula Marijuana Prosecutions Resume, Despite ‘Lowest Priority’ Initiative 2

By DANIEL VIEHLAND - Two months ago, the Missoula County Attorney's office decided to resume prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana offenses. Daniel Viehland examines the impact.... more

Multimedia Feature: Sewing Ministry a Labor of Love, Support, Fabric, and Yarn

By RACHEL A. SEIDENSTICKER - The Martha Sewing Ministry is more than just a charity - it's an outlet for members of Christ the King Church to celebrate, mourn, laugh, cry, and commune with one another. ... more

Missoula St. Pat’s Life Flight Program: We Will Find You

By RUSSELL GREENFIELD - St. Patrick Hospital’s Life Flight paramedics, nurses, and pilots often find themselves in remote corners of Montana. Russell Greenfield takes a look behind the scenes of this elite pr... more

It’s a Funny Thing: Missoula a Starting Point for League of Talented Comedians

By TOR HAUGAN - While Missoula's comedy scene may lack the scale of a larger city's, the Garden City circuit has served as a starting point for a growing group of successful comedians.... more

A Salute to Our Troops: The Remembrance Day Roll Call Ceremony

A group of UM Journalism students filed this multimedia piece about the Remembrance Day Nation Roll Call Ceremony at Montana State University on November 11, 2011.... more

A Salute to Our Troops: Photos of Veterans’ Day Events in Montana

A photo gallery of moments from Veterans' Day ceremonies across Western Montana.... more

Snowbowl Set to Expand, Make Public Freestyle Terrain Park

By BILLIE LOEWEN - Montana Snowbowl ski area is preparing to expand their terrain park to bring freestyle skiing in western Montana to new heights.... more

A Salute to Our Troops: The Fallen Soldier Memorial at the University of Montana

By PATRICK RECORD Last Friday, as the rain began to turn to snow, I stood and watched as a handful of Montana’s military men and women revealed the new Fallen Soldier Memorial at the University of Montana.... more

Are Montana’s Rural Post Offices Expendable?

By KELLYN BROWN. The Postal Service wants to close the doors of many of its rural post offices, if it does, few places will be impacted as much as Montana. On the list released in July of 3,753 post office bran... more

A Marriage of Music: Successful Jazz and Pop Artists Make Missoula Studio Work

By RACHEL A. SEIDENSTICKER - After recording seven jazz CDs and headlining clubs in Chicago, appearing on ABC’s “The Commish,” and performing, acting, and modeling across the world, Eden Atwood found hers... more

Bluegrass Music Growing Missoula Roots

By ALANYA CHERKIS - Last month, Missoula hosted its first ZooGrass festival at the Top Hat lounge downtown. Live bluegrass has recently taken hold of the music scene in Missoula, with its upbeat energy, foot-st... more

Nothing in Common?

By KELLYN BROWN. Like I was saying...Don’t compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Don’t do it. They are nothing alike. That’s what I’m told, although the effort of one to distance itse... more

Multimedia Feature: California Street Tag Wall Becomes Home to Missoula Graffiti Artists

By ANNELA ROVA and BILLIE LOEWEN - When Missoula business owner and artist Dan Tabish posted a sign on the gigantic wall surrounding his property, he created the only space in the city free and open to graffiti... more

Out in Missoula: An Open, Visible, and Generally Accepted LGBT Community

By TOR HAUGAN, UM Student Journalist. In the early ‘80s, people would drive from Helena to Missoula to hang out with the gay bartender at AmVets, Missoula’s now-defunct bar claimed by the LGBT community. Th... more

Urban Bees in Missoula: Neighbors Against Neighbors While Drafting New Rules

By DANIEL VIEHLAND. UM student and citizen journalist Daniel Viehland reports on the conflict between an urban beekeeper and his neighbors in Missoula. Will it prompt changes to local beekeeping laws?... more

Black Bear Hit on I-90 Leaves Orphaned Cubs

By PAUL QUENEAU. Driving my sons to school Monday morning along I-90, a driver in front of me suddenly pulled off on the shoulder between East Missoula and the Van Buren exit. Then I saw the reason: A good siz... more