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Fly Fishing . . . the Comedy of Tragedy

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. Shakespeare was a fly fisherman. This claim is in no way academically nor historically supported, but he must have drawn his dichotomous inspiration from somewhere. And I’ll l... more

Don’t Hang Up the Rod and Reel Just Yet…

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. All we can say is don’t hang up the rod and reel on account of the calendar. When it comes to fly fishing in western Montana, you sort of can’t go wrong these days--just kind... more

Fall Fly Fishing in Western Montana

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. What is the best time to fish in Montana? I hear this question all the time, and my answer is always the same: September and that will never change. ... more

One-Way Ticket to Brown Town — Ode to Brown Trout

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. Their habits are clandestine, their legend strong, and their choice in living accommodations impeccable. The word brown falls pitifully short when describing these stream kings. ... more

The Four Stages of Fly Fishing

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. A wise man once told me that every fly fisherman goes through 4 distinct stages throughout their fishing life. At first I thought that he was simply spitting B.S., but I have rec... more

The Trip of All Trout Fishing Trips

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. Every year we pile in to our trucks and take off across Montana for a week of absolute trout fishing chaos. This year seemed to be more chaotic than any other, and it all added up... more

The Great Tube Hatch

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. As summer wears on in earnest, the air and water temperatures approach each other and Missoulians get hot. What do Missoulians do when they get hot? Well they pile into the rive... more

The Year of the Twomper Trout

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN.Twomper is a term in fishing that you probably have never heard before. That’s because it’s a word made up, and used by trout bums from the Bitterroot Valley. It refers to an... more

The Advent of Stoneflies and 84-Years-Young

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. Life is good. As I hooked the third or fourth fish of the day yesterday my friend exclaimed “Can you believe we live here?” The truth is some days I can’t. Bryce and I ha... more

There’s Light at the End of the Missoula Fly Fishing Tunnel

By BRYCE MCLEAN & MATT DEVLIN. Well everyone, the wait for our summer fishing season is finally coming to an end. The rivers are still really big, but they are on the drop for good this time. Green drakes hav... more

Missouri River Fishing – Trout Mecca of Montana

ALL NEW FISH IT BLOG! By Bryce McLean and Matt Devlin. This is truly a spring runoff to remember, but there is one place that has remained fishable throughout this entire spring. The Missouri, a.k.a. the Might... more

Water, Water, Water – Fly Fishing Season is When?

ALL NEW FISH IT BLOG! By Bryce McLean and Matt Devlin. As spring gives way to, well, more spring here in Western Montana, fly rods sit collecting dust. Fishermen and Guides around the state are watching in di... more