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Learning to Cook Mexican with Luisa

By BOB ZIMORINO. Traditions in cooking sometimes last for centuries because regardless of what new fangled techniques or gadgets enter the picture, the old way is still the best. Changes are in the subtleties.... more

Taste It Video Blog – Baked Chiles Rellenos

Taste it Video Blog. Join Bob and Emily as they cook Chiles Rellenos! ... more

Hector and Luisa

By BOB ZIMORINO. Tradition has played a huge part in ethnic cuisine forever. That being said, they only last until something better comes along. Somewhere along the line, after the discovery of fire, “Grog... more

Taste It Video Blog

Taste It Video Blog. Local restaurateur Bob Zimorino and The Good Food Store’s Emily Seitz have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind cooking experience with the Taste it Missoula video blog. They’ll not ... more

The Sheepman Cometh

By BOB ZIMORINO. This is how to get lost in the Targhee National Forest of Northern Idaho. Oh but you aren’t all from here, so first I’ll tell you a little bit about the Montana highway system.... more

On the Road to The Rocky Mountain Front

By BOB ZIMORINO. Leaving Montana is not as easy as one might think. Oh sure there are roads in and out of the state and regardless of popular local sentiment there are no armed guards at the border. ... more

Moving to Montana Soon…

By BOB ZIMORINO. I knew a guy that went by the name Johnny D that was going to visit his brother in Missoula. In January of 1976, I went home from work and an hour later was sound asleep in the back of Johnny D... more

A Christmas Card for Readers (Christmas Recipes Too)

By BOB ZIMORINO. I hope that it is a time of peace and joy for you and your families. Being this is most of the time a food blog, let’s eat!... more

Jackson Hole and Bru Ha Ha

By BOB ZIMORINO. On the 8th of October in 1975, two weeks and a day shy of my twenty second birthday, I left New York State with my friends Billy and John. There we were, three guys with two dogs and all of our... more

Taking It on the Road

By BOB ZIMORINO. I graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Food Service Administration. I moved west…to Buffalo. The job that followed was as the head cook in a summer camp for the mentally challe... more

The Beauty of Being Young and Broke

"Taste It" blog by BOB ZIMORINO. When you are a poor, young college kid with a meal ticket, eating out is truly a luxury. Other than spending a little beer money on sustenance snacks like pizza slices and cheap... more

The Thanks is in the Giving

"Taste It" Blog by BOB ZIMORINO. I am going to take a break from the story I have been telling about the evolution of food in my lifetime for a holiday special.... more

Life is a Buffet

"Taste It" Blog by BOB ZIMORINO. Before I am hunted down like Richard Kimble, by psychotic attorneys claiming none of what I have written is true, I have decided to add a disclaimer to my blog. I freely admit t... more

The Growth of a Nation

11/10 Blog by Bob Zimorino. I thought about calling this segment “The Girth of a Nation” because according to the Centers for Disease Control while men have gained an average of an inch and a half in height... more

Life on the Fast Food Highway

10/31 "Taste it" Blog by Bob Zimorino. When people think of fast food an often overlooked category is cafeteria food. I went to a Catholic grade school that did not have a cafeteria, so we ate brown bag lunche... more

The Emergence of Fast Food

10/27 Blog by Bob Zimorino. The precursor to the “fast food restaurant” was of course the “drive in restaurant”. Although they became really popular in the fifties, the first drive in restaurant was sa... more

The Evolution of Food in My Lifetime Part II

10/19 "Taste it" Blog by Bob Zimorino. Mom was a great cook in almost every sense but one. She bought canned vegetables and cooked the life out of them. The problem was that they already had the life cooked out... more

The Evolution of Food in My Lifetime

Blog by Bob Zimorino. " good." If Gordon Gecko had uttered those words back in the original Wall Street, we would have had an entirely different movie. He went the greed route, leaving food wide open f... more