Make it Missoula’s goal is to serve our local community and the business and residential mover markets with a website that provides independent perspective, elegant organization, and actionable content; to be a resource that connects both locals and newcomers to the essence of Missoula.

Make it Missoula aims to help Missoulians, visitors, and prospective businesses and residents alike in your search for  fun and interesting information about Missoula. Whether it’s useful information about real estate, employment, healthcare providers, schools, business resources, utility providers, or maybe a nightlife blog, or a link to a live osprey cam, there’s something for everyone!

When it comes to moving your family or business and connecting to our community, you have choices. We want to help you make it Missoula.

The Team

Make it Missoula was created by a unique group of publishers, marketers, web developers, and writers, all of whom call Missoula home.

  • Carol Sharkey-Blodgett is the owner and principal of Blodgett Marketing and Make it Missoula and the keeper of the vision.
  • Andy Commons is the internet marketing consultant and man of many hats.
  • Ross Peterson is the project developer responsible for all that code.
  • Karen Porter is the internet marketing/SEO consultant and content wrangler.
  • Erin Stoner is the user experience consultant and word nerd.

Check out this clip about MakeitMissoula from our friends at KPAX