Figuring out the perfect gift for your children – answer these questions before going on a shopping spree

If you’re anything like us, then you probably love making gifts. But frankly, buying presents has become quite challenging over the years because most gifts labeled as custom are pretty generic, in fact, and you want your presents to feel personal. 

Why spend money on something your loved ones won’t like? 

Many questions arise when thinking about buying gifts. Why should we offer one? When and how should we give it? Will it affect the receiver’s mood or self-esteem in any way? 

*Music intensifies*

On a negative note, you’re troubled by many questions, especially when buying gifts for more people. Hence, you’re looking for a guide to help you deal with the process. 

Without further ado, we present one that should serve you right and make your task easier. 

Do I use gift-giving to make up for not being present this year?

People often fall into a trap when they buy gifts for the holidays or special occasions. They are aware that they didn’t engage the way they wanted with their loved ones around the year and want to purchase something that will make up for it. Everyone did this at least once. We definitely did. But you should keep in mind that regardless of how expensive the gift you purchase is, it won’t make up for the time you didn’t spend with your loved ones. Therefore, you could instead tell them how sorry you are that you missed some important moments in their life and promise to do better from now on. 

What do they love to do in their spare time?

People often overlook this question – but it’s essential to think of what the receiver loves to do in their free time so you can offer them something they’ll enjoy. Do they usually talk about one of their activities? Do they have a hobby everyone knows about? If yes, consider getting them something related to this passion of theirs, to show them you support them. 

In case they don’t have a hobby or you don’t know what to buy related to their greatest passion, think of which other topics excite them. People enjoy numerous things, so if you pay close attention when you discuss, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect present for them. 

Do they complain or dislike something?

Besides trying to find what they like, it’s equally important to figure out if they dislike something. People often complain about the things they don’t like, so you won’t even have to ask because they’ll definitely mention it. When someone’s birthday gets closer or around holiday times people tend to complain about the gifts they received in the past and they totally hated it. They might mention that they prefer to receive vouchers rather than decorations or that they don’t like generic gifts. 

By knowing what bothers them, you can find a gift they’ll enjoy and actually use. Pay a little attention when you talk with someone you want to offer a gift, and you’ll have a good idea of what not to purchase. 

Can you afford the gift?

Before purchasing anything, make a budget and figure out how much you can afford to spend. How often did you hear about people who got into debt to purchase their loved ones a pricey present? You don’t want to be one of them, especially if you have to buy gifts during the holidays for your entire family. Don’t spend all your money on gifts because your loved ones don’t want you to do it. It’s a wise decision to offer gifts without breaking the bank. There are so many options to pick from that you’ll have no issue finding something the receiver will enjoy. 

Additionally, many gifts eventually end up in a landfill, and it’s not worth your financial effort. 

Suppose you have to get gifts for your children, and they want some expensive things; you should have a hard conversation with them and tell them you can’t afford such a purchase. 

What do they need?

Your loved ones will definitely share with you the things on top of their wish list, especially when the holiday season comes around. When it comes to your children, they talk more about the things they want than those they need. For example, your girl might mention that she wants some toys or apparel inspired by Ariel from the Little Mermaid if she likes the book. In case she needs new clothes or a school bag, keep her preference in mind and search for items that feature this character. It’ll make her happy, and you’ll get her something she needs. 

Purchasing presents for your loved ones shouldn’t be a headache. Your passion for gift-giving should offer you satisfaction, so be a good listener, and you’ll make your life easier.       

Why do you buy the gift?

The occasion for offering them a present is definitely special, but before adding something to your shopping cart, it’s best to remember why you decided to get them a present. It’ll help you limit the options and maybe even customize the gift. Do they get a promotion? Do they host a baby shower? Did they get married? Is it their birthday? Do you offer a gift for Christmas? You get what we mean; the occasion impacts the type of gift you select. 

Will my gift motivate them to step into their gifting?

The present you get for them shouldn’t force them to try a new hobby or change their habits. You may love hitting the gym, but the receiver prefers watching Netflix at home. It’s best to offer a gift they are interested in and which might motivate them to offer the same happiness to someone else. You don’t want your gifts to be donated to a charity the day following the event, but show your loved ones that you are considerate about their preferences. 

Wrapping it up

Answering the above questions should help you determine the perfect gift for each of your loved ones.