The Pinnacle of Quality: Unveiling the Best CBD Manufacturer on the Market

CBD has been a major economic presence for an entire decade, leaving plenty of opportunity for bulk suppliers to take over from the mom-and-pop companies that fueled the first wave of the CBD revolution. Nowadays, producer CBD extract yourself simply doesn’t make any sense — why not have a larger and more-qualified operation take care of the dirty work for you?

How do you choose a CBD manufacturer, however, out of all the companies competing for your attention online? In this guide, we’ll cover the differences between bulk CBD manufacturers along with the top five qualities you should look out for in a CBD white labeler. Stay to the end when we reveal the number-one CBD manufacturer you should work with whether your business is just starting out or you’ve decided it’s time to switch suppliers.

Overview: What Makes a Good CBD Manufacturer?

The definition of a good CBD manufacturer has changed a lot over the years. The name used to apply to anyone who could competently extract CBD from hemp — there wasn’t a lot of competition, and industry regulations were nonexistent.

Around the time the 2018 Farm Bill made industrial hemp legal, though, a massive tightening occurred in the industry, allowing the most competent producers to rise to the top. It wasn’t enough to simply turn hemp into CBD anymore — you had to do it in a way that was more effective and safe than the methods your competitors were using.

These days, shopping for a CBD manufacturer is just like shopping for a white-label manufacturer of any other type of product. Large, established companies with excellent processes usually are the best to work with now that the allure of small-time sellers has evaporated in today’s mainstream CBD market.

What Types of CBD Manufacturers Are There?

CBD manufacturers can largely be separated into three types:

  • Chemical manufacturers: While not in vogue anymore, some CBD producers follow the basic processes of a chemical manufacturer and sell their products to researchers and pharmaceutical corporations.
  • Individual brands: Some CBD brands still produce their own cannabinoids, but their numbers are dwindling. These companies cannot handle wholesale orders from other CBD brands.
  • CBD wholesalers: CBD white labelers exist to provide high-quality CBD extract to multiple brands for a better price. Focusing entirely on extraction and product formulation, CBD private labelers enable brands to achieve success in an increasingly competitive market.

Top 5 Qualities of the Best CBD White Labeler

As you shop for a CBD white labeler to provide for the needs of your business, be sure to choose a company that does well in all of the five following categories:

Company History

CBD wholesalers shouldn’t be that new to the business, but it’s fine if they haven’t been white labelers for very long. A great example is a company that experienced success as an individual CBD brand and then chose to expand to offer other companies the same tier of quality they’d achieved.


A wide variety of methods can be used to extract and purify CBD, but any CBD wholesaler you’re considering working with should be transparent enough about their processes to receive certification from all relevant organizations. Even if certain details are proprietary, certification shows that the certifying body found their extraction operation to be satisfactory.

Lab Testing

White label CBD products must be lab-tested for potency and contaminants, such as pesticides and residual solvents. Depending on the sophistication of the operation, on-site lab testing may be possible, or a third-party testing agency may be called upon in the context of smaller CBD white labeling operations.

Product Types

White label CBD companies should offer a wide variety of cannabinoids in many different product types. Certain cannabinoids should be avoided for regulatory reasons, however, so if a CBD company sells anything related to THC, you should choose a different supplier. With so many fully legal areas of the cannabinoid economy to expand, manufacturers greedily skirting the law do not deserve your business.

Customer Service

You can learn a lot about a CBD manufacturer from the way they treat their customers. Is there a genuine sense that both parties desire your success? How easy was it to receive answers to your questions? If a CBD manufacturer simply does not return your calls or emails, it’s time to choose a different company.

The Bottom Line: What Is the Best CBD Company?

Based on all the criteria we’ve covered in this article, we think Arvanna is the best CBD manufacturer currently operating in the white label CBD market. Founded by the owners of one of the country’s most successful consumer-facing CBD companies, Arvanna takes this tried-and-true model and expands it into fully certified mass-scale production.

Offering a complete catalog of products including tinctures, gummies, and capsules, Arvanna performs comprehensive lab tests on all of its products during multiple production stages. Whether your business needs include bulk ingredients, custom-formulated products, or both, Arvanna’s courteous and informed customer service team will set you up with a unique solution that fits the trajectory of your brand.

Now that CBD is fully mainstream, finding a CBD producer is a mainstream task as well. Compare the various producers at your disposal based on their individual merits, and we’re confident you’ll land on Arvanna as your final choice.