How to Decide What Fragrances to Stock

Fragrances are so tricky to buy online. Realistically, the only way to buy a fragrance online with 100% success is when you buy an item you already own and just need to refresh. Other than that, you have vague advertisements and product packaging at your disposal, but as anyone can attest, looks mean nothing when it comes to perfume. Yes, a great-looking bottle can do wonders to get products flying off the shelves, but great packaging does not always mean a great scent. Similarly, amazing perfumes can be hidden in a nondescript or odd-looking bottle.

That’s why fragrances are one of the hardest products to stock for a beauty business. While you can absolutely only stock the best sellers, this won’t help you stand out or attract more business. Instead, you will want to use this guide to help you cultivate a winning collection that’s sure to impress even the most perfume-hungry customers.

How to Decide What Fragrances to Stock

What’s Popular?

Though the top sellers aren’t the only things that you should sell, they are still important. Many people will go in only to buy a brand they have already tried or seen often. You cannot do anything about the fact that Chanel advertises its perfumes more than a small local business, after all, and to get those essential sales, you need to stock what’s popular.

What’s Trending?

Products trend in the beauty world all the time. People will see a perfume collector’s top favorite scents and immediately look for a store near them that sells them. While you will want to sell the full-sized bottles of these trending fragrances, you will also want to be aware that a lot of people are rightfully nervous about paying full price for something they just want to try. That’s why you’ll also want to stock multiple sizes, including a trial size. If the customer decides they like the fragrance, they can then buy a bigger size.

What Deals Can You Get?

The base price of the products you can stock is another huge factor to consider. Thankfully you can typically get wholesale deals on the top sellers all the way to smaller brands from Direct Fragrances in Miami. Getting stock for less can help you feel more comfortable selling new items, making it a huge win for your customers and your bottom line.

How to Market Your Fragrances In-Store

Marketing your fragrances in-store should be done in a few key ways. The first is to separate the fragrances as much as possible based on scent profile. This, of course, is the better choice for smaller brands. For big brands like Chanel, you will want to create a dedicated system. You will also want to add placards that help explain the perfume in greater detail so that customers can narrow down the scents they like early on. To do this, you’ll need to go through and fully try on every, if not as many, perfumes as you can to help customers find what they are looking for faster.