What is a Budtender and How to Become One

The cannabis industry is the place where you can feel significant growth, as it is considered a highly valued industry. However, there may still be some legal obstacles to this, but there is a recommended path for you to take when you want to work within this industry and get the most out of it.

Entering the cannabis industry is not as complicated as you may assume, as there is a typical starting point for this. Becoming a budtender is typically the first step for those who want to get into the cannabis industry, and the best part is that this job role is in high demand. According to some statistics, the cannabis industry is estimated to generate an additional 250,000 full-time jobs between 2020 and 2024. As this is a growing industry, the demand for trained dispensary employees is significant, and this position is also known as the “budtender.”

If you are interested in entering this type of industry, this position is a perfect place to start. So, we have prepared a couple of explanations, such as who the budtenders are and what the shortest way is to become one.

What Is the Budtender? 

Becoming a budtender is one of the most common entry points for those who want to pursue careers in the cannabis industry. A budtender is an employee who is in charge of helping the customers complete sales at the cannabis store or dispensary. But the position of the budtender is much more than that. As they contact the customers, they get to know their needs better and identify the specific ones. They also help customers get the best products and answer all of their questions regarding specific ones. Budtenders would be financially motivated for the role, as the average salary of the budtender exceeds $33,000 per year. On top of that, budtenders usually get tips for doing a good job and providing good service, so the amount mentioned above can be topped off. 

There are a couple of roles budtenders have, and among the primary ones is to educate the customers about the various types of cannabis, like Primo Vibes, that are normally sold in the dispensary or store. This can also include information about the strains and forms of cannabis currently available, the potential benefits of the products, and what they can experience while applying specific products. The majority of the budtenders always strive to be polite and knowledgeable, as they are intending to present their dispensary positively. 

You Will Need Certification to Work as the Budtender 

With the increasing number of cannabis stores and dispensaries, employees are now required to earn cannabis certification. Also, they might need a license issued by the state so that they can work in the cannabis industry. Regardless of whether or not the employer needs a certification, having one can give you more competitive power within the hiring process. Listing a budtender certification on your resume will show your potential employer that you are serious, dedicated, and knowledgeable about the job you are doing and that you are responsible towards the customers, as you are ready to give them top-quality information about the questions they have. Moreover, the whole course is offered in an online format. You’re free to set your hours and use whatever electronic gadget you choose.

Topics That Budtenders Need to Cover

These topics are most typically covered by the certification, but there are a couple of questions that budtenders will need to research on their own. Pieces of information you need to be acquainted with are: 

  • state and federal cannabis laws;
  • safety concerns connected to the use of cannabis;
  • the effects of cannabis;
  • tips for safe cannabis product use;
  • cannabis industry safety guidelines;
  • cannabis supply chain;
  • identification of underage customers;
  • how to transport cannabis safely.

When it comes to age requirements for the budtenders, these may vary based on the state. Some states require their budtenders to be at least 18, while in some other states, the minimum age needs to be 21 and over. Before you apply for a job in a dispensary or even apply for certification training, you need to go through the cannabis laws of your country as well as the industry regulations of the state you are living in. 

What If You Do Not Have Experience in the Cannabis Industry? 

Experience within the cannabis industry is one of the easiest ways for you to make a perfect first impression at the interview. But even if you lack experience in the industry, you need to make sure that you highlight any type of job or transferable skills that can be useful for you to land a job as a budtender. You need to make sure that you demonstrate some of the following skills in both your resume and interview:

  • cannabis industry knowledge;
  • customer service skills;
  • cannabis products knowledge;
  • the passion of the industry;
  • communication skills;
  • knowledge about essential regulations and laws in the cannabis industry.

What Kind of Previous Job Experiences to Mention?

When applying for the budtender position, you will need to hand in your resume, and you should make sure you mention any related work experience. So, you should mention the previous positions, such as: 

  • service industry experience;
  • cash register experience;
  • retail experience;
  • customer service experience;
  • sales experience.

Also, you need to try to be creative and think of ways that will help you prove that you are the best fit for the position you are applying for. 

What Makes a Good Budtender? 

Good employees can have a great number of positive traits, such as professionalism, responsibility, timeliness, and positivity. But what are the qualities of a good budtender? 

As a budtender, you will need to be the representative of the dispensary and educate your customers about cannabis and cannabis products. You should always be confident in your abilities and make recommendations that are based on the unique needs of the customer, keeping in mind their medical history. They need to be skilled in communication and offer the best quality customer service. 

Starting as a budtender is one of the best ways for you to start your journey within the cannabis industry. Today, there are a great number of positions opening in this industry as the demand for cannabis products increases every day.