6 Features Of Sand Blasting Cabinets For industries

Working in industries includes working with many older machines and equipment, which cannot be replaced due to their higher performance or output. You will have to conduct a few processes for their maintenance, like thin-layer chromatography. You can use tools like a sandblasting cabinet to make these processes hassle-free and without destruction.

The tool works efficiently with metals in treating rust and in-built dirt or glassware for engraving and artwork. It will collect all the grime while cleaning and store it in the cabinet so that it does not create any mess around the area.

Features To Consider While Purchasing Sand Blasting Cabinets

In the market, you will find numerous sandblasting cabinets and their substitutes. But not all models will be suitable for your industries. There are a few significant features that you must consider before purchasing a sandblasting cabinet. Selecting appropriate features will help you maintain the equipment from damage and improve efficiency.

  • Size Of The Tool

It is vital to consider the size of the tool you purchase. The size generally varies from 16 cubic feet to 200 cubic feet or bigger. The higher the commercial models, the larger size of the device is required.

You can opt for small models if your work primarily uses small metal or glass parts. It will eliminate unnecessary costs. The kind of models available in the market also depends on the model’s size. Usually, small models will be benchtops rather than freestanding.

  • Capacity Of Weight

In general, you will see two kinds of weighing capacities, media weighing capacity and parts weighing capacity. The debris you are blasting from the entity you are using is measured as media weighing capacity. The characteristics with which the work is going are measured by parts weighing capacity.

Analyzing these capacities will help you determine the kind of objects you can work with and the weight sandblasting cabinet can withstand.

  • Blast Gun

The blast gun is the main feature that affects your speed of work. It is essential to select a blast gun of higher quality to make your work faster. If the orifice is large, it will try to insert higher pressure, and the amount of dirt it extracts will also be increased. For single use, it targets a higher surface area.

  • Working Media

It is essential to realize what media you can work with when using your sandblasting cabinet. Sand is sometimes the primary option, even after calling it a sandblasting cabinet. Various media kinds will be excellent for working in different situations and with dissimilar materials, so checking that your machine will permit this flexibility is essential.

A few sandblasting media will also be recyclable, which will aid in decreasing your running charges in the long run. It is because you can use them several times before replacing sandblasting materials with new ones.

  • Replaceable Liners

Replaceable liners are essential for a sandblasting cabinet because they provide protection to the cabinet from wear and tear caused by abrasive materials. The liners are usually made of rubber designed by custom rubber parts manufacturing experts, which is durable and can withstand the abrasive nature of sandblasting media. With replaceable liners, you can save money on costly repairs and extend the life of your sandblasting cabinet.

  • Quality Of Gloves

Make sure to know the type of gloves you receive with sandblasting cabinets. The thicker gloves will undoubtedly give higher protection. But, sometimes, they will need help handling parts.

So, opt for the tool that offers higher-quality gloves and makes it easy to handle the various parts while working with it.


You must know the features and equipment offered while purchasing. It impacts your work, time, and efficiency. If an instrument is bought that does not suit your work requirements, it is a massive loss in time and finances. So, consider all the above-mentioned significant factors before purchasing a sandblasting cabinet for industries.