The Advantages of a Well-Placed Product Display

Product displays can be found in just about every retail store, and with good reason. They have been proven to improve the rate of sales of everything from bottles of soda to high-end cosmetics. Displays can be placed and paid for by either specific brands or stores to make a big impression. Read on to find out about the advantages of well-placed product displays for retail store owners.

Affordability and Reusability

Product display shelving comes in many shapes and sizes, with custom retail shelving available to meet any requirements. Unlike branded displays paid for by product vendors or manufacturers, retail shelving requires only a one-time investment. These lightweight, easy-to-install shelves and standalone units can be reused over and over to display different goods as needed.

Added Convenience

Installing display stands or shelves in a store makes it easier for customers to find their favorite products, particularly if the displays are well-placed and the products are carefully chosen to meet frequent shoppers’ needs. This added convenience increases customer satisfaction, which keeps people coming back for more and can even lead to extra purchases.

Ability to Target Impulse Buyers

Retailers that actively target impulse buyers stand to make significantly more money, particularly in brick-and-mortar stores. This type of shopper tends to make purchases based on not just what they need but also how the products and the shopping environment target their emotional responses. A carefully designed and well-placed product stand is one of the best ways to get this consumer segment’s attention and create a desire for an immediate reward that can be sated through purchasing the products on display.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

No matter what motivates customers to purchase the products on display, they’ll be more likely to feel satisfied with their shopping experiences if their favorite products are easily available. Many consumers also like to feel well-informed about what to buy, which helps to explain why they respond positively to informative product displays. 

Ability to Push Certain Brands or Products

One of the great things about product displays is that they take advantage of all consumers’ subconscious desire to feel accepted. The psychological mechanism behind changing behavior based on perceptions of others’ feelings is called social proof, and it can be a powerful marketing tool. When certain products are prominently displayed on a well-placed stand, that implies to buyers that the brand is popular and the items are worth buying. Adding marketing materials to the display can make this technique even more effective.

Passive Up-Selling

A well-designed display can act as a passive salesman, upselling products by grouping them with other related items. Placing related goods on the same display isn’t just an effective form of upselling. Customers will also feel more satisfied with their shopping experience when they leave with everything they need, even if not all of the products they purchased were on a shopping list.

Find Affordable, High-Quality Display Shelving

The best part about display shelving is that this versatile product marketing and sales solution is quite affordable. Retail store owners can further improve their return on investment for product display shelving by purchasing used fixtures. Just be sure to buy those items from a reputable liquidation outlet with a history of selling high-quality goods rather than individual sellers with questionable reputations.