6 Great Ways To Safely Engage In Shooting Sports

As you know, shooting sports are both incredibly fun and potentially high-risk. So, to be able to engage in these sports safely and have fun while doing so, it is important to follow a few simple but essential safety rules. We will break down six great ways to ensure that you can be safe while engaging in shooting sports. From knowing your rifle and getting shooting lessons to using the right bolt carrier group, keeping your weapon faced in a safe direction, keeping your finger off the trigger, and storing your gun safely, we will discuss gun safety and good practices. Let’s break these top tips down in more detail.

1. Know Your Rifle

Before you begin engaging in shooting sports, the first thing you should do to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you is to get to know your assault rifle (AR). You should know the name and function of each part of your weapon before you ever shoot it. This will help you to operate your rifle safely and be able to spot any issues in its function. 

2. Get Shooting Lessons

Nobody should shoot a gun for the first time without first learning how to do so safely. You will need to be aware of all of the parts of the gun, know how to use them, and learn about gun safety and proper practice. A shooting instructor will be able to arm you with the knowledge to engage in shooting sports safely, use the proper precautions and wear the appropriate safety gear. 

3. Use the Right Bolt Carrier Group

A BCG, or bolt carrier group, is the main functioning component of your semi-automatic rifle. It is the bit that moves back and forth when you discharge your AR. To engage in shooting sports safely, you need to use a BCG that helps you improve accuracy and recoil. You can change the feel of your AR entirely by modifying the BCG, so do your research and choose a brand and supplier that suits your needs.

If this is your first time building an assault rifle, choosing a BCG for your AR can be a little confusing. With so many brands, options, and variations of material and coating available, you will need to narrow down your options to make a smart decision. Consult experts online and read reviews to make sure you know what you are buying.

4. Always Point Your AR in a Safe Direction

One of the main pieces of gun safety advice all shooting sports enthusiasts need to keep in mind is to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This means keeping your weapon pointed toward the ground, away from people, or anything else you could accidentally damage.

A day at the shooting range with your friends can be very fun and social, and while you are chatting and hanging out at the range, your weapon should be placed carefully aside and pointed away from the people you are socializing with.

5. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

A top tip for anyone carrying a firearm is to treat the weapon as if it were loaded at all times, even if, to the best of your knowledge, it is not. So, until you are ready to shoot, you should keep your finger off the trigger. This is the best way to avoid the accidental discharge of your weapon before you are ready to shoot with precision and purpose.

6. Store Your Gun Safely

Whether you take your rifle home with you or it is rented from the shooting range, you should know how to store it properly, separate it from the ammunition, and not loaded. This is the best way to prevent accidents and gun misuse by unauthorized persons. 

When you follow these tips, you can have a great time playing shooting sports, working on your skills, and competing with friends at the shooting range. 

So, there you have it! This has been a list of six great ways that you can ensure you are safe while engaging in shooting sports. We have highlighted the importance of knowing your weapon well. Moreover, you should start by taking lessons before going it alone. Next, we suggested that you use the right BCG for your needs. On top of that, you should always point your weapon in a safe direction and keep your finger off the trigger until you are prepared to shoot on target. Finally, you need to store your gun safely. With all of this in mind, you will have a great time and stay safe!