What infusion Services are Available in Missoula, MT?

Infusion therapy uses an intravenous catheter to deliver fluids, nutrients, or medications directly into the body.  This is quite useful for patients who must take nutrients or medications regularly in order to help them recover from specific medical conditions or more easily deal with a chronic condition, but who cannot take them orally.  Learn about some of the various infusion services available below.

Anti-Infective Therapy

One type of infusion service in Missoula, Montana and other areas is anti-invective therapy.  This type of therapy involves the use of antivirals, antifungals, or antibiotics in an effort to treat serious infectious diseases that are caused by viruses, bacteria, and other sources.

Chelation Therapy

Another type of infusion service available is chelation therapy.  This type of therapy involves using chelating agents to remove heavy metals that are within the body.  This type of therapy is used in very specific medical treatments.


This involves liquid medication that is used to destroy cancer cells.  This can be more effective and less damaging to the patient than taking oral chemotherapy.

Hydration/Nausea and Vomiting Therapy

This involves IV electrolytes to help calm the feelings of nausea and vomiting pregnant women often experience during pregnancy, enabling them to regain an appetite for food.

Inotropes/Cardiac Therapy

This involves using a medication to change the heart’s calcium level, which is critical to controlling the contraction rate of your heart.  This therapy can either slow down the heart rate to help control arrhythmia, or it can speed up the heart rate to help combat heart failure and similar conditions.

Immunoglobulins (IVIg)

This involves using immunoglobuins that come from thousands of healthy blood plasma donations to combat antibody deficiencies from various immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases.  This is to help a person who is immunocompromised to help battle infections and

Nutritional Support/Parenteral Therapy with Dietitian Support

This involves using nutrients to help treat or prevent malnutrition and restore or maintain optimal health.  This method is used when the digestive tract cannot be used (thus, a feeding tube cannot be used).

Nutritional Support/Enteral Therapy with Dietitian Support

This involves using a feeding tube to help supply the nutrients needed to help treat or prevent malnutrition and restore or maintain optimal health.  The liquid used here is thicker than with parenteral therapy and is directly injected into the small intestine or stomach.

Pain Management Therapy

This involves delivering continuous and exact amounts of pain medication directly into the body to help nullify pain.  It can improve the recovery experience as compared to taking oral narcotics repeatedly.

Management of Central Line Care & Supplies

This involves insertion into a large vein in the central circulation system, with the tip of the catheter going into an area just above the right atrium.  This catheter often remains in place for at least a year and is often used in patients who are seriously or chronically ill.


This type of therapy is a newer way of treating chronic autoimmune diseases with medication that is made from living cells, sugars, DNA, and proteins.