How To Get Started With Spearfishing

Jumping into the water and catching a fish can be a fun and rewarding experience. This activity is called spearfishing. It refers to a fishing method that may be conducted with a sharp object, such as an ordinary spear, a speargun, or a specialized variant like a trident. However, like other water activities, spearfishing can be challenging and complicated. It requires proper knowledge, skills, and training to get it done properly and safely.   

So, if you’re a beginner, keep reading this article to learn how to get started with spearfishing.   

Obtain A Fishing License  

It’s essential to know that some states require a fishing license. Because of this, you need to conduct thorough research to know if your state mandates you to secure a license before you can jump into the water and go on spearfishing.  

Generally, the following are some states that require a fishing license: 

  • California 
  • Florida 
  • Hawaii 
  • Oregon 
  • Texas 
  • Washington 

Hence, if you live in any of the states mentioned above, you probably have to acquire a fishing license before you can get started with spearfishing. You can check some online websites and other reliable resources to learn about fishing licenses. 

Get The Basic Spearfishing Gear  

As a beginner, you should have the basic spearfishing gear to get started. It can help you navigate the water and capture a fish more safely, allowing you to move freely and comfortably down the water. For these reasons, you should get the following spearfishing gear or equipment:  

  • Speargun 
  • Wet Suit and Gloves 
  • Fins  
  • Mask and Snorkel 
  • Weight Belt  

There are various pieces of gear that you should have when you go on spearfishing. Whatever hunting techniques you use, such as stalking at a hover, dusting and scratching, or strumming your bands, you should get ready with your basic spearfishing equipment to make the said water activity comfortable, safe, and successful.    

Learn The Different Types Of Spearfishing  

If you want to become a spearo, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of spearfishing. That way, you’ll know which will work best for beginners like you. After all, not all types of spearfishing are ideal for first-timers.  

Below are the three types of spearfishing you should learn from the get-go: 

  • Spearfishing From The Shore: With this type, you need to swim into the ocean or sea, search for the right location near the shore, and dive there. It’s suitable for beginners because the depths usually range from 5 to 25 meters, and you can find several fish species in shallow depths. However, even if the shore is near, spearfishing from this area can be dangerous due to the currents and waves that can cause injuries if you’re near the rocks.
  • Spearfishing From The Boat: It’s usually done between the shore and blue water. This spearfishing target bigger fish species living in deeper water. However, it can be dangerous due to the harsher water conditions and a particular distance from the shore.  
  • Blue Water Hunting: It’s the extreme type of spearfishing that’s only suitable for experienced spearos. It’s done by swimming in the ocean or sea with great depths, strong currents, and longer hours of diving. With blue water hunting, you can capture fish like marlin, wahoo, and tuna.  

Knowing the different types of spearfishing can be crucial for those who want to enter the spearfishing world. Hence, if you’re a first-timer, you should know which spearfishing type suits your situation to ensure your safety and improve your odds of catching more fish species.   

Tips For Spearfishing  

Spearfishing requires knowledge, skills, and practice to ensure its success. It can be a dangerous activity if you need to figure out what to do in the first place. Thus, if you want to get started with spearfishing, below are some tips to consider from the beginning:   

  • Make sure to follow some safety guidelines before you fish hunting. For instance, inspect your surroundings for any possible safety hazards. Find a spearfishing buddy to be prepared in case of emergencies.   
  • Familiarize yourself with some spearfishing hunting techniques to increase your odds of catching some fish. Generally, there are hunting techniques for the bottom and the surface. For example, if you want to capture a fish on or near the bottom, you may try calling or making noise with your throat. If you spear a fish from the surface, you may also try making noises with your equipment to get the attention of a nearby target.  
  • Prepare your speargun before entering the water. That way, your other hand can help with aim and balance. Make sure to hunt humanely by killing the fish instantly and preventing prolonged suffering. Get close enough to your target to ensure a good aim.   
  • After spearing a fish, grab it immediately by hooking it to a carrier or putting it somewhere safe. Wear gloves to protect your hands from injuries if the fish has sharp spines.   

Although spearfishing may look simple, it requires a lot of planning and preparation. Additionally, beginners should also be wary of some safety guidelines to avoid the risk of accidents.  


Spearfishing can be one of the most enjoyable ways of getting fish in the sea or ocean. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to know the fundamentals of spearfishing. So, if you’re a beginner, keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you can get started with spearfishing as quickly as possible.