The Legendary AWP in CS:GO

If one talks about the legendary Counter-Strike gaming series, one has to remember CS:GO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a multiplayer tactical game, so it is easy to understand that one needs to be well-equipped to win in this game of tactics. This game has five different kinds of weapons: rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, pistols, and grenades. Players usually prefer rifles for quick sniping, and these can cause more damage than other kinds of weapons.

While talking about rifles, one must refer to AWP rifles; AWPs (Arctic Warfare Police sniper-rifles) are probably the best weapons in the Counter-Strike series. These bolt-action sniper-rifles have the highest killing accuracy. AWPs come with different skin types; the most notable ones are AWP | Dragon Lore, AWP Asiimov, AWP | Atheris, AWP | Wildfire, AWP | Neo-Noir, AWP | Mortis, and so on.

Different AWP Rifle Skins

Now, what makes playing more interesting is that you can buy different skins for AWPs as well as other weapons. There are almost 37 types of AWP skins. Here are some of the most popular AWP skins:

AWP | Asiimov

Asiimov is one of the highly regarded AWP skins which has good price value. It is custom painted with scarlet on a white body in a sci-fi design.

Price: $91.57 – 197.41

AWP | Atheris

It is a budget-friendly option with a magnificent look. AWP | Atheris has a sapphire-colored snake design clinging to its body, somewhat like AWP | Medusa but at a lower cost.

Price:$1.59 – 9.79

AWP | Neo-Noir

This is one of the classiest-looking AWP skins in the CS:GO series. It has a psychedelic effect, with neon pink, blue, magenta, white, purple, and ocean blue designs themed with women’s faces.

Price: $20.53 – 30.94

AWP | Wildfire

This covert skin is added with the CS20 case in the game. It has a black and red-hued base with a blazing golden dragon on top of it. This uniquely designed skin costs a little more than usual, but the design is worth it.

Price: $24.58 – 86.98

AWP | Mortis

Mortis is another budget-friendly option that you can buy for a few dollars. It has a black and brown-hued base with a Grim Reaper theme and skull upon the stock.

Price: $1.26 – 4.55

AWP | Fever Dream


Fever Dream is another quite budget-friendly option. It has a black body, neon pink, baby blue, and white graffiti. The graffiti provides it with a unique, punky look.

Price: $5.36 – 8.73

Where to Buy AWP Rifle Skins

You can find the buying option in the weapon section of the game; here, you will find different skin options and their prices. After choosing the best option for you, you can buy it straight from the market. You can also buy or get keys after completing various missions, although, in this method, you have no choice in what you get. However, there are some significant cases that ensure your skins — for example, you can find Neo-Noir skin in Danger Zone cases, Asiimov in Operation Phoenix Weapon cases, and Wildfire in CS20 cases. There are also third-party platforms where AWP rifle skins are sold at competitive prices. Some of them also provide the possibility to cash out the money obtained from selling the skins, however, not every platform has such a function.