Useful Tips for Choosing a Good Company to Work For

What are the key aspects to choose the best company to work for? Undoubtedly, finding the right job will mark how much we can develop and achieve in our professional careers. For this reason, selecting the company to work for will be essential. Here are the most important aspects to take into account to make the best decision.

How to choose the best company – useful and important tips:

These are the questions to take into account when deciding on the company that suits you best:

1. Where do I want to be in a few years?

It is not necessary to be very precise with this answer, however, knowing two or three general answers to this question can be very helpful. For example, it could be important for you to have a very stable position for a long time or, on the contrary, to rise quickly to positions of great responsibility.

Any of these options are equally valid, but they will impact the choice of the company to work for. In a very large company, access to positions of responsibility is usually very slow. However, they usually offer very stable positions and greater comfort at work.

2. In what sector or field do I want to work?

Perhaps your profession allows you to work in different sectors or fields. However, we all have our preferences and industries where we will feel most comfortable and motivated.

Not giving adequate importance to this point can mean that in a few years you may find yourself in a job or in some projects that are not interesting for you because you have chosen a company without taking into account the appropriate reasons.

For example, an engineer probably has the option of working in fields more related to information technology and computers (more deskbound jobs and with a more mental workload) or with systems and installations (jobs that imply greater mobility).

3. What does the company offer me?

Once we are clear about what we want and what we like, it is time to ask companies that may be interested in us and where we want to work.

The following questions will try to resolve the issues raised in the previous points:

Will this company allow me to have the opportunity I want? Are the projects or work the company offers interesting to me?

What does the company provide me with? Does it add value to my job potential?

Some companies provide important training that can be useful to develop your skills and offer a career plan for the future. Others offer you jobs or projects in qualified teams where it’s possible to gain experience and play an important role. It is very important to take into account what each company brings you before making a decision.

4. Is this company a good place to work?

The following points mark whether a company is a good place to work in. Although they seem complicated to assess a priori, many of these conclusions can be obtained just by doing a little research, listening to your interviewer, or asking a series of questions during the job interview:

– How much does the company care about its employees?

This will mark not only your tranquillity and ease of working within the company, but also the possible environment that you may find yourself in.

There are different factors that influence this point. For example, social benefits the company offers, the ease of balancing professional and personal life, or policies that favor long-term hiring of employees and have dismissal as a last option.

– What importance does the company give to its employees in the workplace?

It is important for companies to give importance to the role of all their employees, from leaders to newcomers.

A sign that a company does not give much importance to its new workers could be that an interview is not carried out by the most appropriate personnel. For example, in interviews where there is no one among the ones who will be involved in your work or who will be directly responsible for you. This shows the lack of importance they give to new employees and your position in particular.

– Does the company have fair compensation policies for the work done?

If these do not exist, it may be an indication that the company does not think that its employees are its most important asset.

– What values ​​does the company have and how important are they?

Good companies are concerned with establishing values ​​in an authentic way to give confidence and comfort to their workers. For example, the best companies apply policies to strengthen the sense of unity, collaboration between people, and accessibility or participatory communication.

You can ask these questions during the interview, during your communication with the HR department, or you can contact some employees and talk to them. In case you decide to go with the latter option, you can find the necessary people on LinkedIn or Leadar. Ordinary workers are usually more open and will tell you the truth (unlike HRs who are interested in presenting the company from its best angle only).

5. What salary do they offer me?

Depending on the situation, this question will be more or less important. Even if it’s your first job, it is important to choose a company that at least offers a salary that is acceptable within the market.

Offering a salary well below the market is an indication that a company does not value the position and, therefore, it may indicate that a company is not a good option for you.

Without a doubt, reviewing these points can help make the right decision.

But how do I know what company I should work for?

To know what a company offers, it is important to research it online or, if possible, through people who work or have worked there.

It will also be essential to ask all the necessary questions during the job interview. Sometimes, when being too nervous, we make the mistake of not asking our interviewer questions about the company or the position we are going to take.

However, asking these questions is of great importance. This will show the interviewer your interest in the job, and you will get important information that will help you choose the right company.