The Best Wakesurf Spots In Missoula

Wakesurfing is a water sport that involves trailing behind a boat at a brisk speed, riding in its wake. A person has to hold on to a tow rope with the board beneath their feet. Once the waves behind the boat peak, the person lets go and rides over them. 

It’s one of the many exciting things you can do when you’re in Missoula, Montana thanks to the place’s abundance of water. Many factors go into having a successful wakesurf experience.  But the main one is having the perfect tool for riding the waves, such as the wakesurf boards from Right after that is the location. 

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great wakesurfing spots in Missoula. If you’re planning a water adventure there soon, here’s a quick list of the best ones: 

1. Clark Fork River  

Clark Fork River is considered the largest river in Montana in terms of volume. It’s 310 miles long and originates from Southwest Montana’s Silver Bow Creek. 

Named after the explorer William Clark, the river runs parallel to Interstate 90 as it passes through Montana. Missoula has many fishable side channels along this river as it goes downtown. For this reason, it serves as a very popular fishing spot. The locals also consider it one of the best places for kayak fishing, rafting, and floating. 

Aside from that, Clark Fork River is also a great candidate for those who want a beautiful river for their wakesurfing experience. The water’s course produces a lot of recirculating waves. This is a kind of water turbulence resulting from the current backing into itself at strong speeds. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to ride what regulars call the “Green Wave.”

2. Blackfoot River  

Another popular and important recreational stream in western Montana is the Blackfoot River.

The river provides many access points for floating, rafting, fishing, and of course, wakesurfing. For over 10,000 years, the Blackfoot River area has served as a Native American stronghold, acting as a transportation route and a hunting camp during the summer. 

The natural setting and features of the area have contributed to its popularity, as did the fame it got from the film A River Runs Through It. Many people prefer to wakesurf in this area because of the epic views and scenery it provides. There’s a high alpine meadow and forest line in the river’s route that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your token picture of the place. Just make sure you capture it once you get out of the whitewater.

3. Bitterroot River  

The third most fly-fished river territory in Montana is the Bitterroot River. This is located in the western part of Montana and runs 75 miles in length. 

In the Bitterroot River, native westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout thrive, making it a popular fishing spot. Try bringing some back home for a pan-fried trout dish to reward yourself after your water adventure. 

Speaking of which, this is also a prime spot for wakesurfers. Because of its popularity and accessibility, you can learn to wakesurf any time or even try other recreational activities like rafting and floating. Its sharp bends and strong current make it suitable for those with experience or who simply want an extra shot of adrenaline. Make sure to drink in the spectacular views before you leave.

4. Flathead River  

This is a unique river flowing along Montana’s northwestern border with Glacier National Park. Many people do a lot of outdoor activities in this area. Families gather to camp, go boating, and do other fun sports. 

Due to its designation as a National Wild and Scenic River, the Flathead offers outstanding recreation as well as beautiful scenery. In Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, and several wilderness areas, there are plenty of fishing and floating opportunities. This is the perfect spot for you to brush up on your wakesurfing skills. The water’s depth and width provide tons of room to make as many runs as possible.

Ready To Ride The Waves?  

These spots are just a sampling of the many places where you can do wakesurfing in Missoula. If you haven’t picked it up even as a hobby, you might miss out on an experience that combines the thrills of conquering waves and the chills of magical scenery. Before packing your bags, do some research to make the most out of your water sports trip. And make sure to find your ideal wakesurf board while you’re at it.