7 Steps to Opening Your Own Business as a Plumber in Missoula

Plumbers are in demand across the country and the world, so if you want to open a business catering to customers in Missoula then you won’t be short on customers.

Of course you will need to work hard to get a fledgling plumbing firm off the ground, and there are a few things you can do to make this process simpler.

Complete your professional training

It should go without saying, but unless you’re fully trained up in the art of plumbing at an accredited and recognized establishment, you won’t get far.

Acquire a license to operate in Montana

There are various minimum requirements to meet in order to get licensed as a plumber in Montana, and there are actually two tiers, namely journeyman and master.

To be accepted as a licensed journeyman plumber, you’ll need five years of experience under your belt as a plumber’s apprentice. To become a master plumber, you need to have been a journeyman for four years, with at least three of these years under supervision from an existing master.

Register your business

Once you’re ready to set up solo, you need to register your business with the local authorities. How you do this depends on what makes most sense for the intended scale of your operations. You could set up a sole proprietorship if you wish, or go ahead with a limited liability company instead. Getting the advice of a business expert is sensible if you’re unsure.

Make the most of marketing opportunities

In terms of actually bringing customers onboard and gaining momentum with your new plumbing business, you’ll need to get used to the idea of promoting your services. Embracing effective plumber marketing strategies is crucial in creating awareness and attracting potential clients. Paying for ads in local publications, leafleting in the city, and making the most of social media will all contribute to effective marketing of your company.

You can get third-party agencies to help out with things like ad design, digital marketing, and so forth, but also remember that the most important thing you can do is impress customers and let your reputation blossom through your professional conduct and your positivity.

Know how to provide accurate estimates for your customers

In order to win your first jobs and satisfy the customers you come onboard initially, you need to get to grips with accurately assessing the likely costs of the work required.

This is where solutions like Service Titan plumbing estimating software come into play. With them, you’ll be able to give quotes quickly, and also ensure that they’re competitive and realistic.

Open a business bank account

To get your invoices paid at the end of a job, you’ll need a business bank account. This is useful for things like tracking business expenses and also filing taxes, so set one up as a priority with a reputable provider.

Plan for the future

Opening a plumbing business is a little different to starting an enterprise that targets other markets, because the goals you set will usually be to continue connecting with and serving customers in the local area, building trust over time and earning word of mouth recommendations.

That said, it still pays to write a business plan and use it to work out not only how you’ll get started, but also how you’ll sustain and grow your plumbing company as the months and years pass.

You might be content to tread water and remain as a solo master plumber. You might have ambitions of eventually hiring other team members and expanding your operations. A business plan will give you the foundations for looking forward.