Enjoy An All-American Day Out in Missoula

Celebrate our culture with a full day out in Missoula.

There’s plenty to be celebrated about American culture. We understand and love the great outdoors, we are fascinated by the history of our country and by gosh do we know how to eat. If you’re after celebrating all that’s great about America, then you probably couldn’t be in a much better place than Missoula to do it. This city is brimming with exciting activities, exemplary eateries and plenty else besides. This is our guide on how to do it right.

Breakfast at Paul’s Pancake Parlor

Pancakes at Paul’s is always an event.

It’s important to start every day off the right way, but particularly if you’re going all out American style. There is so much choice when it comes to diner breakfast in Missoula, but if you’re after that old-school diner feel then it makes sense to make it an old one. Paul’s Pancake Parlor has been open in this exact spot since 1963 and still serves classic food all around the clock. Whilst lunch and dinner at Paul’s are great, breakfast really is the main event. The breakfast menu is enormous, featuring everything from pancakes (well duh) to chicken and waffles, pigs in blankets, biscuits and gravy and so much more. As the place is named after the pancakes it only makes sense to treat yourself to some. The sourdough pancakes are delicious and a pleasant change from buttermilk. You can have them topped with just about anything imaginable but strawberries and whipped cream with a generous drizzle of maple syrup is to die for. If you’d like something just a little different then try the rolled pancakes instead. Get them stuffed with blueberries and cream cheese and topped with a Cointreau syrup, sure it’s a little naughty first thing in the morning but you deserve it.

Visit the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

Here at Make it Missoula we’re all about celebrating our history and this next spot couldn’t be a more perfect place to do just that. Next up, we’re heading to the Fort Missoula Museum to find out a little about this fascinating city. The museum is set in a historic park spanning 32 acres, so make sure you’re wearing some sensible footwear for a walk around the grounds. People have inhabited this area since 1877 and with the 20 different buildings that the museum is made up of, it’s possible to see elements of history from various different time periods. Within these buildings there are constantly rotating exhibitions that particularly encourage thought-provoking conversations about colonisation, enslavement and some of the more difficult topics of Missoula’s past. The museum firmly believes that investigating and unpacking these tricky subjects is what helps us to grow as people and do better as a city, or indeed a nation.

Round Things Off At The Claim Jumper

Finishing off the night with some good old fashioned fun is always highly recommended. There are plenty of options for this in Missoula but the Claim Jumper makes a strong claim as the best of them. The Clam, as it’s known to locals, has been operating in the area for decades, offering its patrons the chance to enjoy lots of different casino games and all of the hospitality that you’d expect from a family run restaurant. On the menu you’ll find plenty of American-style food, but they’re most famous for their delectable fried chicken. You can order a whole platter for the table, or a plate each, they’ll even let you choose from white meat and dark meat. Pair that with some homemade traditional sides and perhaps even a slice of pie for dessert and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Once you’ve eaten your fill it’s time to hit the gaming tables. You’ll be able to choose from poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as plenty of slots games. The croupiers are friendly and very happy to give you pointers during quieter times. Of course, if you’d rather kick back on the couch after all of that food then that’s understandable as well. It’s possible to enjoy some casino style fun too, even from your couch. There are a whole lot of online casinos out there to choose from, which can make the task a little daunting. However, a good place to start is with looking at reviews, which is what CasinoReviews specialize in. They independently review every casino listed on their site for factors like bonuses, variety of games and customer service, giving them a star rating at the end. It might not have the same noise and buzz as a busy casino, but you certainly won’t be seeing bonuses like these in any brick and mortar establishments.