The Shining Star to Call Her Own: Tips On How to Choose an Understated Diamond Ring

When it comes to a wedding, no detail is too small or insignificant to omit from the planning process. Everything should be carefully planned and double-checked to avoid last-minute troubles. It is especially true when you approach choosing one of the key wedding accessories – wedding rings or unique engagement rings, for that matter. How to choose one? Should it be a diamond ring? What size of a diamond? What color? Are there rules related to the cost of rings? These and many other questions may besiege your brain right now, and browsing through endless catalogs does not make your task easier. To show you one possible path and to set you on the right track, we offer you a brief introduction to dainty diamond rings that are excellent for engagement, marriage, or are a valuable gift for an anniversary. To be able to get your hands on such a ring, you must contact a reliable company. In addition, you can also check their products to learn more.

Style of rings

Rings can come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and inset stone options. It wasn’t that long ago that big diamond solitaires were the must-have for engagement, but today the trends are changing. Celebrities often sport rings with other precious or semi-precious stones or opt for more delicate, unobtrusive designs. For this reason, today dainty engagement rings enjoy growing popularity. They are slim, and delicate, with one or several smaller diamonds or other gem stones, and they go well with any daily outfit. A woman does not have to match her style to a big ring or put it away into a jewelry box. Instead, a ring blends smoothly into her favorite clothing style. She can stack her other rings with the engagement or wedding ring and be sure that they will look great together.

Size of stones

If you are not heirs to a media empire or a huge oil company, there’s no need to spend your life savings on a bold chunky solitaire (you’ll have to keep it locked in the bank cell anyway). Smaller diamonds in a cluster or set along the ring band will look equally elegant and stylish. Check out unique 3 stone ring designs online. Just make sure that you buy real, high-quality diamonds.  

Price range

Slim dainty diamond rings are more affordable than classic solitaires, yet they feature the same precious stones that have real value. So you can balance the costs against the value you get. A white or yellow gold ring with one or a few smaller diamonds will cost several hundred dollars, starting as low as $200, so you can save money for other important wedding expenses. At the same time, a diamond ring is still a diamond ring, and a classic choice.  

Makers and places to buy rings

You can buy delicate rings from big retailers who deal in a standard set of models (so every other bride will sport similar rings), or you can opt for a smaller jewelry shop that handcrafts custom design rings individually.  The plus of buying from a retailer is that you get the ring immediately (accounting for the delivery time). The minus is getting a standardized piece that was bought cheaply and resold to you with a margin. Buying from jewelers who handcraft every ring means getting a unique piece that can be additionally tweaked according to your needs. The only drawback is that you need to allow additional time for the making of the ring. 

Ethical sourcing of diamonds

There’s been controversy in the diamond industry regarding the places where diamonds are mined and how they are mined and processed. Reputable jewelers source diamonds from transparent and trusted suppliers, so when you put this ring on the finger of a person you love you both know that the stone is truly crystal-clear and mined ethically. For jewelers who create every ring from scratch, tracing the origin of each stone is much easier. These are the basics you need to know to start looking for this particular style of engagement ring. We believe the selection of dainty diamond rings is broad enough for you to find that special ring that will shine on the finger of the girl you love – and she will shine from happiness wearing it.