Lucrative Business Ideas To Start in Missoula

Missoula is a city that takes pride in its alluring scenery, rich agricultural soil, and fishing grounds for westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout.

Population-wise, the municipality is the third largest among the State of Montana’s counties, with a population of 119,533 but ranks 25th in land area size. The economy of this city rests on five main sectors. These include agriculture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and tourism.

If you wish to start a business in the city, there is a high chance of success if you study the county. Let’s help out. After factoring in several conditions, we’ve identified six lucrative business ideas that would fly in Missoula. Keep reading to find out.

1. Real Estate Business

According to data available in the public domain, the homeownership rate in Missoula is 47.4%, which is much lower than the national average. Building affordable homes for renting or sale would be a great idea. We know the business would be capital intensive, but the proceeds would also be worthwhile.

Besides, you can build lodges or cabins with varying levels of sophistication and prices for tourists to rent when they come into the region. You won’t have to worry about getting clients since the county is a natural tourism magnet.

2. Online Gambling

Missoula is no Las Vegas, but residents are equally passionate about gambling. There are already several online gambling platforms that citizens use, but there is never enough when it comes to gambling.

You would have to make your platform worth visiting by understudying others and improving on their weaknesses to make yours competitive. What matters most, in the end, is how you market your gambling platform and how easy it is to use.

If you are an immigrant, you should speak with your immigration lawyer to know the legality of starting this business in the county.

3. Tourist Guide

As earlier mentioned, Missoula is a thriving tourism destination, and you can make some money by knowing the city like the back of your hand. You’ll need to master the art of effective communication and storytelling. Some people swear that there are tourist guides they would never forget even after the memory of the expedition fades.

A vehicle to transport tourists would also be an advantage. There is lots of money to be made by helping tourists make the most of their moment in Missoula. You may need to register the business to apply for a sponsorship license. You’ll need this permit to recruit foreign workers for your tour guides to tackle the language barrier.

4. Goods Exportation

Missoula is an agriculturally endowed region with well-priced produce. While they may not seem much within the county, they can bring some good cash if you find the right market in a neighboring city or state. You don’t even have to farm. You only need to buy the produce from the local farmers and sell them for a higher price to areas in need of them.

The business would involve frequent traveling until you can create a network to export these goods without leaving the county. This business can bring the financial breakthrough you’ve searched for if you can identify your customers and satisfy them. The trade has an international prospect. You can also reach immigration lawyers to help you with the required documents to enter different countries.

5. Agriculture Business

Missoula has rich agricultural soil and a favorable climate to grow a variety of cash and food crops. With the exception of Christmas trees, where the county rates 2nd among the others in the state, the US government data reveals there is still much to desire from Missoula’s agricultural sector.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of arable land for cultivation and animal husbandry. So, would this venture yield good income? The answer is a resounding afYES! You have several options to exchange your produce for cash.

One is to sell your products to exporters or companies needing raw materials for their by-products. An alternative is to let the product hit the county’s markets and stores. An example of such a market is the Missoula Farmers market, patronized by tourists and locals alike.

6.  Restaurant Business

Missoula is an important tourist center because of its natural endowments and landscapes. Among the things these visitors want is good food. If you’ve been doing some wonders in your kitchen, perhaps it’s high time you make a business from it.

Tourists do not mind tasting unfamiliar meals so long as it is inviting and tasty. Begin trying out several recipes both foreign and local. The idea is to make sure your customers have variety whenever they come to you.

The interesting part of this business is that there isn’t a need for too much publicity. Each visitor would be your advertising instrument if they leave satisfied.

 Final Thoughts

Whether a business idea will work in Missoula or not also depends on the level of planning that goes into it. We advise that you thoroughly examine what each business idea entails, so you can make the best from it.

Again, you should decide on which business idea works to your strength and natural inclination. That alone can keep you going when you face the initial challenges that plague a new start-up.