How to Look Your Best in Flat Shoes

For most people who have been working from home, going back to wearing regular shoes to the office can be a struggle. Most people were used to wearing sneakers and slippers and so now they are wondering how they could look stylish wearing flat shoes. Flat shoes are trendy right now, mainly due to the sneaker craze going on, so you have lots of options to choose from. To ensure you do not feel underdressed or underwhelming in flat shoes, we have put together a guide to help you look stylish wearing them.

Balance and Proportion

An important thing to think about when wearing flats is whether your outfit looks proportional. When you wear flats, your whole body is closer to the ground, so you are more likely to look shorter and wider. Keeping proportions in mind when wearing flats is, therefore, crucial.

You want everything else you wear to draw the eyes upwards whether you are wearing a skirt, dress, pants, or jeans with your flat shoes. You can achieve this by wearing dresses with waist belts or any fashion items that sit above the waist.

High-rise skirts, jeans, and pants are the key to looking great when wearing flats. These clothing items also give you numerous options for styling your flat shoes, whether you are wearing sandals or sneakers.

Length Is Important

Also, if you like wearing dresses and skirts, you need to make sure it does not stop on your calf. Get ones that end just above or below the knees or extend below your calf. The latter option shows the narrowest part of your leg, which is the ankle, thereby helping you not look short when wearing flats.

This rule also applies to cropped jeans and pants. They should be styled and long enough to finish just above the ankle bone. Again, this helps your legs look elongated – the same look many women go for when they wear heels – despite wearing flat shoes.

Choose the Right Shoe Styles

Your flat shoes’ style also determines how good you look in them. Fashion advisers say you should avoid wearing chunky flat shoes as they look heavier and bulkier. Because of this, they tend to draw people’s eyes downwards, which is the opposite of what you are going for.

However, it might not be possible to avoid chunky shoes as they are getting popular. This means you should know how to wear them for the best effect. The rule is to draw eyes upwards, and you can do this by tucking in when wearing chunky shows.

Regardless of the type of tuck you choose, French, half, or full, it will draw eyes towards the waist and minimize the ability of the shoes to draw the eyes elsewhere.

Another tip is to break up the shoes’ heaviness and bulk by showing a little skin between the end of the garment and the start of the shoe. This might not always be possible in colder weather, so a full-length garment with a high waist and a front tuck should do the trick here.

The Best Flat Shoe Options

Knowing which types of flat shoes to wear is as important as knowing how to wear them stylishly. There are different types of flat shows to consider, starting with sneakers.


Casual sneakers are mostly flat and are arguably the most popular type of streetwear right now. Every lady should own at least one pair of sneakers because they go with almost anything. They are also great for transitioning from the office to the evening if you live a busy life and do not have lots of formal events to attend in the evenings.

Sneakers also have great features including providing excellent arch support, stability, and cushioning, and being seasonless. You can consider sneakers from different brands, including luxury Gucci sneakers for women. These Gucci shoes are more of a fashion statement than those from other brands, but they are a good option and investment for those looking who prefer high-end fashion.


Loafers also have heels, but they are small enough to make them flat shoes. They provide cover for the back, sides, and front, leaving the top open. Loafers are a great option because, as with sneakers, they can go with almost any outfit. Additionally, there are some formal situations where loafers would be a great option.

Flip Flops and Sandals

These are typically regarded as summer shoes, although they can be an option for other seasons apart from winter. Flip flops are easier to wear so they are great for those who are always in a hurry or remove their shoes often.

Sandals have straps and are a great option for showing off your fresh pedicure.

Although they can make you look shorter, flats are a great option for those who value comfort and are looking for something less formal. Worn right, they can go with almost any outfit or style.