The Importance of Intimacy in Marriage

Marriage can become satisfactory for many people. It can also be difficult when the two of you aren’t getting along with each other. What builds the strength and tenacity of the bond is your level of intimacy with each other.

Intimacy enables you both to feel alive, ecstatic, and even vulnerable to each other. It isn’t about the sexual relations you have with each other. It goes beyond that. In this article, you will learn what intimacy means and its importance in your marriage, so if you want to add excitement in your marriage you can also visit sites like just for this.

What is Intimacy in Marriage?

Lots of individuals confuse intimacy with sex. They think intimacy is all about sex. Well, sex should indeed be a part of intimacy and intimacy should include sex However, the two aren’t entirely the same.

Intimacy refers to the closeness you have with your partner. It can be psychological closeness, emotional, physical, or even spiritual closeness. It is a process where both partners mutually understand each other and also depend on themselves.

Sexologist and chastity cage store owner Alison says that intimacy is what makes a person your partner rather than your friend. Although you can be friends with your partner, it doesn’t stop there. It requires more. It goes beyond the sex. It involves a deep connection with your partner such that you can express all your doubts, fears, and feelings without being ashamed or uncomfortable. Keeping stuff away from your partner indicates that you may have intimacy problems.

Importance of Intimacy in Marriages

1.   It Reduces Stress

Some studies reveal that chronic stress has negative impacts on the body and can create room for other health conditions such as insomnia, cardiac events, muscle pains, irritable bowel syndrome, and a weakened immune system. However, having intimacy with someone helps to reduce stress and even prevent all health conditions from happening.

When you are intimate with your partner, you can reduce all stress responses in the brain. Physical intimacy such as sex, top g spot vibes, or even hugging can trigger the release of oxytocin and eventually reduce the psychological stress you are going through. Once you are with your spouse, you feel more relaxed as your spouse becomes a buffer from various stressful activities.

2.   It reduces loneliness and the risk of mortality

Recent health studies postulate that social isolation leads to a high risk of mortality. At some point, isolation affects our thought patterns, sleeping, physical, and mental well-being. Having a partner can improve all these conditions.

You wouldn’t feel lonely anymore and would always have someone to keep you company. This helps to positively shape your thinking, sleeping, physical, and mental well-being.

3.   Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Being sexually intimate with your partner leads to the release of various hormones that can improve your well-being. The simple act of getting touched by your partner releases oxytocin and changes your brain chemistry.

Besides, it can help you feel better after a stressful or challenging day at work. The negativity you experience as a result of anxiety and depression slowly reduces as it gives you a break and enables you to feel pleasurable emotions. With services like shroom delivery canada, you’ll be able to find a convenient way to reduce stress.

4.   Addresses Issues

Being intimate with your partner helps you to address some current issues you are facing in your marriage. The attachment bonds you have for each other can provide you security and encourage you to address issues that may make you feel vulnerable.

Intimacy makes the dynamic lighter and gives you a better mindset on how to solve problems. Intimacy becomes your conflict resolution tool that enables you to better enjoy your marriage.


Intimacy enables you to create an attachment bond that strengthens your marriage. Get intimate with your partner to enjoy various benefits in your marriage.