Common Pinterest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Pinterest is an incredible visual search engine that can significantly help bloggers or businesses market their products or services on this social media platform by accurately implementing organic Pinterest growth strategies.

You will even find several Pinterest content creators trying their best to make their profiles and pins look visually appealing. Although there’s nothing wrong in doing that, it’s equally important to avoid mistakes that may be easy to overlook and hinder your account from growing.

That’s why we will discuss several common Pinterest mistakes in this article that you may be making and how you can avoid them. Read below to discover!

Common Pinterest Mistake #1: Not Catering to Mobile Users’ Needs

Do you know that most people use this platform on their smartphones? Most Pinterest account owners create pins on their desktops without considering the needs of mobile users.

The pins may not fit the mobile screen properly and may be hard to notice. Therefore, it’s essential for you to create pins that look good on mobile phone screens as well. Let’s say if you use Canva to create pins, you should zoom out to 25%, analyze if the pins are still noticeable/readable for smartphone users, and make edits accordingly.

Handmade ornaments/gift tags reusing old scraps of felt Erin made after being inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

Handmade ornaments/gift tags reusing old scraps of felt Erin made after being inspired by a pin on Pinterest.

Common Pinterest Mistake #2: Not Leveraging CTA on Your Profile

Pinterest users can add any link with their profile description to boost conversions either for their blog or e-commerce website, and the great thing is people actually utilize this space.

However, the problem is that most of them don’t add a CTA. Without CTA, how do you expect to drive the actions of your profile visitors or even followers?

For example, if you have added a link to your newly-launched pair of jeans, adding a CTA that reads “click here to shop new jeans collection” will instantly boost your product page traffic.

Common Pinterest Mistake #3: You’re Not Consistent

Pinterest requires dedication and consistency, which you may start losing after a while. This can drastically affect the performance of your pins.

Hence, you should be consistent with your posting schedule. Although you can use Tailwind or Canva Pro to schedule your pins ahead of time, you can also do this directly through Pinterest as well at the time of creating pins.  

The sweet spot is to post 6 to 15 pins a day, but make sure you don’t lose the quality of pins. If you’re new to this platform, you can slowly start building your pace. If you remain consistent, you will start getting fantastic traction!

Common Pinterest Mistake #4: Only Promoting Your Pins

Pinterest isn’t about repining your content only; it may even work against you. As you promote other users’ pins, you will not only be able to attract new visitors to your profile but also make you more noticeable on this site.

In addition, if you promote other users’ pins, they will most likely check out your account and follow you. They may also repin your content if your profile inspires them.  

Common Pinterest Mistake #5: Not Tracking Your Analytics

Most Pinterest users focus on their upcoming pins while forgetting about the older ones. This way, their hard work and effort simply go to waste.

Pinterest has a built-in analytics section that any user with a business account can access. If you have a personal account, you can easily switch to business.

It shows essential metrics like total impressions, outbound clicks, engagements, top pins, and overall performance over a period of time.

This is an ideal way to monitor what’s working for you and what the audience isn’t engaging with, so you can curate your pins in the future while catering to your audience’s needs and growing your account rapidly.