7 General Thailand Travel Tips You Should Know

Now that you have decided to take a trip to Thailand –– ‘The Land of the Smiles” –– you need to prepare yourself before visiting this beautiful kingdom. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, scenic views, historic temples, and delicious cuisines that will leave you wanting more. 

If you want to visit the bustling commercial cities or have a laid-back holiday in one of the 1500 islands in Thailand, it is one of the top tourist destinations and a safe place for people like yourself to explore and immerse themselves in Thai culture. Pai is an excellent destination choice, and with Thailand Nomad, you can learn about Pai and create the perfect itinerary. 

But before we get to that, there are a few things travelers need to know to enjoy their stay in this foreign land. These tips below will enhance your travel experience and ensure you have an enjoyable time when visiting the country. 

Dress Respectfully 

Make sure you pack the right clothes for your trip because the last thing you want is to get sunburned or freeze during the winter. At the same time, there are no dress codes in the country, but when visiting a certain place, you must cover yourself well. For instance, if you are seeing the ancient temples or museums, you need to cover your shoulders and your knees; if not, you can carry a sarong with you, which will help you gain entry. Wearing the right clothes at the right place will ensure that you respect the culture and traditions of the people. 

Carry Cash 

Caring cash can be the best decision you make when exploring Thailand. Paying with cash is far more convenient when traveling across Thailand because most people do not accept card payments. Whether in the market, taking a taxi or tuk-tuk, eating food outside, or carrying cash will help you get things done much faster. Although you will find several ATMs in the streets of Thailand, you might have to pay some extra fees. Find a reliable exchange platform to help you convert your money to Baht for the right prices. 

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is one of the essential tips we can give you because it will prepare you for unforeseen situations. The insurance covers individuals from injuries, theft, illness, and so on. When you are vacationing in Thailand, you will be taking part in different activities so that the insurance can protect you in an emergency. Several companies offer different packages, so make sure you find the one that works according to your budget.

Be Respectful 

Thai people are one of the most genuine and humble people on earth, but disrespecting their beliefs will be an offense. Remember that the ancient temples are built to worship, and when you visit these places, you need to respect the rules of the place. Make sure you speak with a low volume, do not take selfies with the Buddhas, and remove your shoes when required. You can visit several places where you can be free from these rules, but you must maintain a certain behavior whenever needed. 

Don’t Drink Tap Water 

While exploring and eating the land’s delicious foods, make sure you avoid tap water. The tap water in Thailand is unsafe to drink, and it can lead to an upset stomach, Typhoid, or other illnesses. The best solution is to carry bottled water or reusable bottle so that you can fill them up at hotels or trustworthy restaurants. Even when you visit restaurants, ask for bottled water and ask if the fruits or vegetables may be washed with tap water. If you have a sensitive stomach, this step will help you reduce the risk of falling sick and hinder your travel experience. 

Haggling Skills 

Haggling or negotiating is common throughout the land, and it is quite fun. Make sure that you sharpen your negotiating skills before you travel so that you can purchase things you want without being scammed. Whether you are on the streets buying food, souvenirs, fruits, and vegetables, or even taking a tuk-tuk, you can easily haggle for a fair price. Remember that while haggling, you don’t need to be respectful but bargain with dignity so that you can have fun and shop around easily. 

Do Not Disrespect the Royal Family 

The locals highly respect the King and the Royal Family, and if you show any disrespect towards them, you can get on the wrong side of the law. If you happen to talk about them, it is important that you speak highly or only something good about them. The King is more like a father figure to people, so ensure that you respect them no matter where you are in Thailand. The best advice I can give you is not to speak about the royal family or the king and to stay on the locals’ good side. 

By following these tips, you will have a pleasant travel experience. Are you looking for places to visit in this country? Here are some quick suggestions that you should consider.