5 Different Hobbies That You Could Turn Into a Small Business

Hobbies are activities we enjoy pursuing in our spare time, and many people have turned their hobbies into businesses. We would not have Apple computers if it weren’t for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack’s passion for design, engineering, and electronics.

Therefore, a hobby can become a small business, but you never know how large the business could become. The following are hobbies that you could turn into a small business: 


If you enjoy cooking and trying out different recipes for fun, you can get very good at it. One thing we know about people is that they like to eat, and they will pay for good, delicious food. Therefore, you should develop an idea for a food service business and explore it.

You could cook meals in your home, package them and deliver them in tapware containers for those who eat on the move. You could also start a food truck business. There are many ideas for food-based businesses if you are creative. Food is a business that will never go out of style. 

Brewing Your Own Beer

Many people love drinking beer but some people like making it too. If you are the latter, you may have tried making your own beer for your friends and family with excellent reviews. If so, you should try turning your hobby into a business and start your own brewery.

Starting a beer brewery requires a significant amount of capital, a consideration you should make. You also have to consider how you will serve the beer. You can sell it to bars and clubs or sell it yourself.

If you also become a vendor, you will have to consider issues like location and customer service. Untappd has advice on making a digital beer menu. Also, find out the licenses and permits necessary to operate your brewery.


If you are a shutterbug and enjoy capturing images of things, your hobby could become a lucrative business. People always look for professional photographers to take pictures of people and occasions.

People can take impressive pictures with their phones, but it does not compare to professional photography. Your photography business could be general, or you could specialize in areas like wedding photography, nature photography, or corporate photography.

Create a portfolio of your pictures and start marketing yourself. Photography can be a very rewarding business internally and externally. 


Do you naturally bond with animals wherever you go and enjoy spending time with them? If so, why not turn it into a business. The pet industry is worth billions of dollars. You can choose to enter any section of the industry and turn your hobby into a business.

Depending on your expertise and preference, you could start a pet grooming, dog walking, or pet product business.

Turning your hobby into a business helps to start small and scale with time. The pet or animal industry is perfect for that as there is only a limited number of animals you can handle in the beginning. 


Many people would like to travel but cannot afford to because of time, money, responsibilities, e.t.c. Therefore, you can turn it into a business if you actually travel as a hobby. There are many ways to turn your traveling hobby into a business.

If you have writing skills, you can start a travel blog. With enough capital, you can start a tour company. You can become a travel influencer. Find an idea that works for you and run with it. 

There are many hobbies you can turn into a business because if you are interested in something, you can find someone else who is. Traveling, pets, photography, brewing, and cooking are a fraction of such hobbies. If you have enough passion, you can develop a business idea based on your passion. The key is not to give up until you succeed.