What is the Cost of a Letter Balloon?

Balloon letters are a wonderful invention of balloon manufacturers; it is a separate, independent category in the world of aero design. Despite their simplicity, quality shiny letter balloons like these https://balloons.online/letter-balloons/ instantly add vibes to your party décor, helping you to bring a certain meaning to your inflatable decorations or gifts.

They are perfect for a variety of events such as birthdays and anniversaries, grad parties, bachelorette celebrations and even weddings. They can be used both as part of arches, garlands, columns and centerpieces, and as elements for creating noticeable and unique congratulations for those you love.

In this article, we will explain how the price of such items is formed and how much different types of such products can cost.

Manufacturer and quality of balls

There are lots of balloon manufacturers in the world, but not all of them are worth your attention. The most popular brands are the following:

  • Qualatex (USA);
  • Anagram (USA);
  • Convergram (Mexico)
  • Gemar (Italy);
  • Latex Occidental (Mexico);
  • Everts (Germany);
  • Belbal (Belgium);
  • Sempertex (Colombia).

Qualatex balloons are one of the most expensive. The quality of items is impeccable, but their most important advantage is the great variety of colors, shapes and sizes, as well as beautiful patterns.

Many factors can affect the price of the inflatables, but the quality is the main one. Due to the thinner latex walls, the items of the same size weigh less, therefore, fewer materials are spent on producing the larger number of such balloons. Moreover, it is considered that the balloon is of high quality when it is made from natural latex (but you can’t be absolutely sure about that when it comes to choosing from Mexican items).

The features of high-quality letter balloons (let’s take, for example, the most popular Anagram or Convergram products) are perfect-quality and natural material, rich and even color, correct shape (the same type of balloons will always have the same shape), and long life (float time, if we talk about helium items).

Such balls can cost differently in different stores and on different online platforms, and the difference can be very significant! For example, 34” foil letter C by Anagram will cost you $13.14 on Amazon, while at Balloons Online, you can get it for just $3.94! Think twice — pay less and get more!

Balls size

This factor is obvious: the larger the size, the more material and paint are spent on producing the balloon.

The main sizes of such products are 14”, 16”, 34” and 40”. In the US, prices are between $6 and $9 for the larger balloons. The price for 16-inch balloons starts at $3 in different stores, but at Balloons Online, it will cost you only $1.06!


Typically, balloons filled with helium are more expensive than those filled with air but considering they can float, this is a good investment!

Find the best place to buy balloons for your party

Keep in mind that this tip applies to any budget!

There are specialized balloon and party supplies stores you can find on the Web that offer the best terms for buyers. One of such places is Balloons Online. Here, in the store’s catalogs, you can always find all existing types of balloons for different parties, and any sizes and colors that you may need.

Another important thing is that here you will find only high-quality products from long-established companies such as Anagram, Sempertex, Convergram, Hi-Float, Gemar and many others. Please note that at Balloons Online you can buy all items much cheaper than in many other offline or online stores.

Another piece of good news is that here you can order balloons both wholesale and at retail, which allows you to save your budget. Regular promotions, and interesting bonus programs will help you make even smarter purchases!