Missoula Is so Much More than Just God’s Country and Zootown

There are many great reasons why Missoula is commonly referred to as God’s County or Zootown. It is known for its glorious environment, which encourages many tourists to visit this beautiful place and take a break from city dust.

Even though many might think that Missoula is just a peaceful city that is perfect for relaxation, it is so much more than that. It is also a great place for any type of sports fan, and especially basketball fans. So, aside from watching your favorite sport and checking NBA parlay picks, consider visiting this amazing destination as well.

Basketball is the most popular sport Missoula is famous for

The most popular sport in Missoula is basketball. Namely, Missoula is home to one of the most famous Montana basketball teams, the Montana Grizzlies. They represent the University of Montana in college basketball, and anyone who knows about basketball knows that this is a big deal.

Sure, college basketball is not at the same level as the NBA, but it’s still incredibly popular. Not only are both of them popular to follow, but betting on them is incredibly popular among numerous sports fans. 

Hellgate Roller Derby has gathered many fans since 2009

As mentioned, basketball and Montana Grizzlies are not the only sports-related things Missoula is famous for. Hellgate Roller Derby has also attracted numerous fans from everywhere in Montana ever since it was formed back in 2009.

Hellgate Roller Derby is a non-profit organization that was formed to promote flat-track roller derby. This is already an important mission, but its importance only increased throughout the years. 

The members of Hellgate Roller Derby train people to reach completely new levels of skill. The organization welcomes everyone regardless of their gender, age, or even athletic abilities.

Are you interested in roller derby?

If you are interested in roller derby, know that Hellgate makes it extremely accessible. Since they welcome absolutely anyone, you can simply look up the next opportunities to join the training. This is the first step to falling in love with roller derby.

If this is the very first time you’ve ever heard about roller derby, that’s okay too. The more you learn about this sport, the quicker you’ll understand why it is so popular. And having the opportunity to try it out yourself will make it even more appealing.