How to Start a Lead Generation Business with No Experience (+ List of Services)

One of the best methods to offer valuable services to other brands and businesses with proven demand is to get into the lead generation business. Of course, you do not need to develop a product or service to check the results.

In this article, we will look into some methods to understand the components of a great lead management system and provide some simple tools that can help you with the task.

What Are Some Helpful Tips To Find The Best Leads For Customers Or Clients?

In this section, we have provided you with some tips and strategies that will help you generate more leads for your business:

1. Become An Authoritative Figure In The Sub-Niche

This tip is indeed a no-brainer. If you come across a niche where you have no competition, your primary goal is to build authority. You can start by pumping out unique and catchy content that your clients can share. If you keep doing this, you will be able to create a brand that revolves around this content.

If you want to remain on top of your game, always ensure that the content is recognizable, increasing its trust factor. Even though content will start pouring in from other marketers and publishers, yours will remain authoritative and not lose its significance.

2. Look For Leads With Higher Intent

While this tip may sound very straightforward and simple, it is not! It cannot be easy to understand what one means by high intent leads. Of course, you can start by creating an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and work your way to find what they require. As we already know, you can also try testing different types of content to know which converting channel is the best.

This way, you will be able to focus on converting the best leads without filtering out others that are not yet active.

3. Qualified Leads Should Be the First Priority

If you have ever played a role in the sales team, you would know that the leads must get qualified. At first, your focus should always be on finding the right leads; the number of leads does not matter in the long run much.

Lead qualification is important because you will be able to nurture them with buying intent. Sales dialer can aid in converting leads. Additionally, it also offers other benefits like establishing trust with the client, scaling your channels, and generating a lot more leads in the future. On the other hand, nurturing leads that are not qualified means that you will waste a lot of time and effort.

4. Try Creating a Referral System

Even at this point, you will have to focus more on the quality of the leads. The difference is that you will have to scale your lead generation channels this time. Sales that occur via referrals are considered the best-converting sales channels.

If your leads can provide referrals of more leads similar to them, the output will be doubled without having to put in additional efforts. Since the referred clients are more loyal, they will continue their business with you if they are happy with the results.

What Are Some Useful Services That You Can Use To Start a Lead Generation Business?

Some great tools that you can use to start a lead generation business are:

1. Domain Name

The first thing you will require is a custom domain name for your website and business. You will not find a single client if your business only has a page on LinkedIn or Facebook. While the  website does not have to be complex, a simple site where you showcase your products/services will be good enough.

Now, various domain options are available – you can look at either Google Domains or Namecheap. It is recommended that you purchase at least two domain names to use one as your main website host while the other can be utilized for cold emailing.

2. Email Provider

Next, you will require an email provider. If you want to send bulk emails, it is recommended that you use a paid Google or Outlook account. Based on reviews, it has been found that Outlook is a better alternative because it has better email deliverability. Whatever option you choose, ensure that you opt for the paid plan instead of using it for free.

Once you have selected the right email account, you will have to get done with technical aspects like your DKIM records, SPF, and DMARC. Setting them up is important because the email servers will not know the origin of the emails, which only increases the chances of your emails landing in the customer’s spam folder.

3. QuickMail

If you want to get into the lead generation industry, you will have to use a tool so that you will be able to personalize and automate your cold outreach. One of the best tools for this purpose is QuickMail, which features all tools like scheduling your email campaigns, importing prospects’ data, etc.

QuickMail is one of the tools that have been specifically designed for lead generation companies. You will be able to rotate the inbox for several team members. You will also get access to statistics to see what is working.

A dedicated website, an email address, and an email outreach tool are just some of the most basic things you would need to start generating leads independently for your customers.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If your clients operate B2B companies, LinkedIn is considered the best platform to find leads. Here, you will be able to identify the leads very quickly, thanks to the advanced search features. Additionally, you can also make use of various automation tools designed specifically for LinkedIn and allow you to connect and engage with your clients on a larger scale. For instance, Sales Navigator is an amazing tool that can be used on LinkedIn.

5. B2B Contact Database

You will also require a B2B contact database. There are many tools available for the same – the most popular one is SignalHire, which will allow you to find email addresses based on different categories.

With the help of these tools, you will gain access to a list of brands and companies that match your criteria. This way, you will be able to get in touch with them so that you know whether they would be interested in your products/services.

6. BuiltWith

Now, there are various tools available if you want to generate leads with the help of technology. If you are a Shopify user, BuiltWith is considered one of the top tools in this aspect.

All you need to do here is add the technology your customers need to be using; next, you will be shown all the platforms that use the said technology and some other types of details, like the tools being currently used.

7. Unbounce

Another great tool that you can use to generate leads is Unbounce, which is easy to understand and use. The landing page builder can help create pages for ad campaigns. One of the best aspects of this tool is that you do not require any prior design or coding knowledge to build amazing landing pages.

With the help of Unbounce, you will be able to create professional outbound campaigns. If your targeting is on point, it can quicken the lead generating process.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation businesses are known to be very profitable if you can find the right margin between the lead acquisition costs and the selling prices of the leads. As of now, there are more than 500 lead generation companies that are very successful.

If you have any queries, leave them here in the comment section below.