Parks and Recreation to Host Free Organic Lawn Care Webinar

Residents are invited to join Parks and Recreation, Grow Safe Missoula and Osborne Organics for a free Zoom virtual webinar on organic lawn care on Wednesday, April 27, from 6 to 8 p.m. Register to attend “Organic Lawn Care 101” to interact with lawn care experts and ask questions. For those who can’t attend the Zoom meeting, the webinar is scheduled for later broadcast on Missoula Community Access Television as part of an MCAT Media Assistance Grant.

Chip Osborne, Jr., President of Osborne Organics, LLC, and founder of the Organic Landscape Association will lead a discussion on how homeowners can maintain healthy soil and grow a beautiful lawn using organic lawn care. More and more, residents and City land managers are recognizing the environmental and health benefits of reducing or eliminating pesticide use in lawn care and vegetation management. Parks and Recreation is launching an organic turf maintenance pilot project in McCormick Park this summer.

The presentation will be available as a Video on Demand at and on MCAT’s YouTube channel after April 30 and is scheduled to air on MCAT Ch. 189 on May 20 at 5 pm and May 21 at 7 pm.

Webinar topics include:

  •   Introduction to Organic Lawn Care
  •   Insect and weed problem prevention
  •   Soil biology basics: Creating healthy soil
  •   Soil fertility and nutrient cycling
  •   Best management practices
  •   Soil testing: the basis for natural organic compatible products
  •   Parks and Recreation’s organic turf pilot project in McCormick Park.

Register for the free webinar online or phone (406) 721-PARK (7275).