Main Reasons to Travel to Missoula as a Student

Missoula is a gem of Montana that will stay in your heart forever. The fact is that this city is beautiful and looks like a cozy place where you should stay for a lifetime. But what if you are a student looking for a good time during your holidays? Here are the main reasons to travel to Missoula as a student. Surely you will find at least one reason to come to this city.

Magnificent Nature

Nature is the first factor that should become fundamental for any tourist. The fact is that mountains and forests surround the city, so you can enjoy loneliness while exploring new locations. For example, you can find the so-called Hellgate Canyon Trail and go deep into the forest. But do not forget that you should take a compass, map, or GPS tracker with you so that you can be helped to find your way home in case you find yourself lost. Even a simple walk in the park will give you a whirlpool of positive emotions. The fact is that Missoula is an amazingly cute city suitable for those ready for discoveries.


Affordable Prices

And here is another reason why you should visit this city. The fact is that rental prices are quite reasonable. Even a hotel room will be affordable for the average student. You can even save a couple of hundred dollars and spend them on something. For example, you can find a good writing service and delegate some assignments. But first, you should learn more key facts about some companies. For example, you can ask questions like, “is unemployedprofessors legit? Can I trust these guys?” Fortunately, you will quickly find the truth about the service offering assistance to students.

Great Cuisine

How about trying local delicacies? You should immediately try local burgers, lasagna, pizza, and dozens of other dishes when you visit Missoula. The local cuisine mixes American, Spanish, Mexican, and European culinary traditions. Every meal is worth putting aside and focusing on the food. In addition, prices in cafes and restaurants are quite reasonable, so you do not have to spend fabulous money every evening. Even the street food is tasty, so you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Friendly Locals

All locals are very friendly and happy to help tourists find any location. If you find yourself in trouble, you can always ask someone on the street for help. In addition, locals can give you valuable advice and show you the best locations in the city. Surely you did not even think that this city has many interesting locations. Approach someone on the street and ask them to make new marks on your Google map.

Huge Number of Art Galleries

How about visiting unique art galleries and seeing something new? Surely you did not know that there are so many trendy locations in this city. By visiting Dana Gallery or Radius Gallery, you will learn a lot of new facts about contemporary art and exhibition creation. What’s more, you can even take photos and analyze the exhibits at home. You will learn the history of many paintings, statues, and other art objects by hiring a guide. Get ready because you won’t even have a week to visit all the outstanding locations.

Tasty Beer

Surely alcohol is not the main reason to come to Missoula, but you will be surprised by its assortment. Visit Conflux Brewing Company, and you can enjoy a perfectly brewed beer with a delicate creamy aftertaste. Surely you have never tried such a drink before. You should also order grilled cheese to enjoy the time spent in this city. By visiting Conflux Brewing Company and other places, you can learn about other important locations or listen to funny stories.

The Ranch Club Golf Course

Here is another reason to visit this city. What if you happen to be in Montana and love golf? Then you should visit The Ranch Club Golf Course and enjoy a great time. Surely such an idea for the weekend will not be the cheapest, but you will surely get a lot of positive emotions. In addition, local instructors will help you choose the right golf gear to enjoy the game and improve your golf skills. And don’t hesitate to invite local golfers to compete; they’ll be happy to join you for a great time.

Final Words

As you can see, Missoula is a very interesting and cozy city worth your attention. So here you can easily find good restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, and even a golf club! But nature and friendly people are the two biggest reasons to visit Missoula this year. Find time to stay here for at least a week. Such a decision will surely allow you to get a lot of positive emotions. Spend a few days preparing and choosing locations so you don’t waste time looking for the most amazing locations.