Been In An Accident That’s Not Your Fault? Here’s What You Need To Do

Accidents can happen in life, and sometimes they are difficult to avoid. There may come a time when you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You may have to take time off work and pay for medical expenses, which can be stressful. If you get into an accident that wasn’t your fault, this short guide is here to help. Take a look at the four things you need to do when you get into an accident.

Collect As Much Information As Possible

Thousands of accidents happen in America each year. Look at research related to car accidents as an example. In 2019, there were over 30,000 car crashes. Understand that accidents can happen to any of us and what you need to do if something happens to you. Collect as much information as possible. Ask for the names of people at the scene of the accident. Write down your location and exactly what happened, so you don’t forget anything vital. Give this information to your car accident injury lawyer and any police/paramedics at the scene. Try and remain calm so you can retain the information you need.

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Be aware that time is valuable if you want to make a personal injury claim. Contact a car accident law firm and meet with personal injury lawyers who can help you with the legal proceedings. Understand that insurance companies will use time against you to deny your claim. Act fast to get the claim you deserve. Choose a lawyer with the proper credentials like the attorneys at Francis Law Firm. Get in contact with them as soon as possible after your accident and give them as much in-depth information as possible. Learn more about Francis Law Firm by visiting their website.

Seek Medical Assistance

Seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Be aware that if you leave any injuries untreated, they will likely worsen. Call emergency services if your injuries are severe. Use the internet to find this information if you are unsure. Try and get to the hospital yourself, if possible, as you may get treatment quicker. Keep a record of any medical expenses, as you will need to give this to your personal injury lawyer. Avoid leaving the scene of the accident without a medical examination. Even though you may feel ok, you do not know for sure that you have not sustained a serious injury.

Inform Your Workplace

If your accident happened as a result of your workplace, there are a few steps you must follow. Inform your boss straight away; failing that, inform your supervisor. Tell them the order of events that happened in the run-up to your injury. Give them the names of anyone who witnessed the accident. Be honest. Avoid missing out any important information. Discuss with your boss how much time off you will need to recover from your accident. Work with them to figure out how you will financially survive while you are off. Contact your personal injury lawyer if your workplace does not want to help.