Understanding the Law: 4 Reasons to Consult a Lawyer in Case of an Accident

If you’ve been in an accident, then you know how terrifying it can be. Sometimes it only takes half a second, and everything feels drastically different. Many people who have been in accidents struggle to figure out how to respond. Emotions are running at an all-time high; people are in pain and shock, there’s law enforcement and insurance companies to deal with, and all the regular things like figuring out how to get to work now that their vehicle is out of commission. Nothing could make the experience of responding to an accident easy—it’s far too emotional of a situation for that—but there is something that could make it a lot easier: understanding the law. 

The Law Is Complicated

The legal system that exists in America at the present moment is highly complex. It has grown and evolved over time, being altered and reinterpreted and added to and taken away from as questions arose that didn’t have a clear-cut legal answer. This means that more than half of it is written in antiquated Latin-inspired language, that much of it is outdated, and that it’s hard to understand. The major solution to this problem is to reach out to a legal professional like a personal injury and car accident lawyer. Ideally, someone who specializes in the kind of law that you’re dealing with.

Investigative Assistance

One of the big reasons that people benefit from working with lawyers after an accident is the help they can offer in terms of the investigation. The law will explain what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, but when both parties are stating something different happened, then an investigation is needed. These motorcycle accident lawyers in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, emphasize that one of the biggest aids a law firm or lawyer can offer is assistance in a full investigation into what happened. This can produce evidence that can be directly interpreted by the law, resulting in legal protection for you.

Determine Your Course Of Action

In most cases, once you file a claim or lawsuit, you’re not able to change your mind and pursue a different course of action should you later realize another route was better for you. You might be struggling with physical or mental injuries or complicated emotional scenarios like PTSD. By speaking to an attorney before you file a claim or make your choice, you can have someone explain all the options to you and break down the benefits and drawbacks of each. A lawyer will also be able to bring their experience to the table and inform you what the potential outcomes are of each choice. For instance, if you’ve recently been involved in an auto accident, it’s best to speak to an auto accident lawyer for professional advice.

Access To Experts

Yes, insurance companies and trucking companies have a slew of experts in the medical and other fields, but you need to understand that these experts work for these companies. The companies are aiming to spend as little as possible and so have highly conservative experts working with them. Law firms who deal with accidents will have access to less biased experts who can present you with a second (or third) opinion that might just be what you need to better understand your situation and the compensation you need. This is especially important if you’ve been to see a doctor and felt their response or treatment plan wasn’t taking into consideration how much pain or difficulty you’re having.

When handling a legal proceeding, things can get stressful fast. Law enforcement, your opponent’s lawyers, and insurance company employees can ask questions in such a way that you feel like you’re being treated as a criminal. They know how to phrase things to make you doubt yourself and how to mislead you into saying what you didn’t mean today. Pretty much everyone struggles to deal with interrogative-style questioning, and that’s because it takes years of practice to be able to ask people questions this way. 

Working with a lawyer can help ensure that you have someone on your side, explaining how to keep your responses true to your intentions and understanding of the situation. It’s also incredibly helpful to have someone who is devoted to protecting your best interest when it seems like so many other people involved aren’t thinking about what’s best for you at all.

The above information should have highlighted just a few of the reasons why you might want a lawyer helping you out after an accident. The law is a complicated thing, and if you don’t know how to navigate within it, it’s easy to get lost and end up somewhere you didn’t mean to go.