Like Playing? How you get happy online and offline

Adults are quite playful beings, if they allow themselves to relax and have some fun. There are many opportunities to live out the urge to play, grown-ups are particularly fond of using sport for this purpose. Tennis, football and baseball competitions perfectly unite play and the joy of movement. Another advantage of sport is, that this leisure activity serves people’s health. And no-one ever criticizes someone for being too playful and childish. Physical exercises and team sports for every age group are perfectly accepted in society.

Board games as a classic way to play

For some people, sport is not enough to satisfy their hunger for games. Or they find the daily exercises too strenuous and therefore prefer to do without. What else is there to have a good time without taking a lot of effort? In the old days, before the internet conquered the world, board games were very popular, not only among children. Today most people prefer to have an online game now and then, but the offline entertainment has not vanished. In many cities board game clubs have been formed where playful adults meet other adults to have some sociable hours with Scrabble, Taboo, Monopoly and other classic games. In such groups, new friendships often develop after a short time. Another opportunity is to join forces with existing friends and arrange appointments with them. Unfortunately, rather few people are interested in “old-fashioned” board and card games, so this path is likely to be difficult. Perhaps some bar games will do the same trick.

Little online Entertainment as the modern alternative

On the other hand, more and more adults play online games – so why not join them and have your fun in the internet? This way is the most comfortable one, you just have to switch on your smartphone, download some gaming apps and begin to play. It is possible to compete against friends or totally strangers – or to challenge artificial intelligence alone. Some people turn to Candy Crush or Hillclimb Racing, others to Pragmatic Play Slots that are known for their great variety. On you find a lot of these famous slot machines, each with its own theme and colorful design. On the comparison portal you get to know them all – and if you want to, you can start your game within a few seconds. Customer reviews help you find the right slot that fits your claims.

The “big” games that take you to another world

Besides these little games for in-between, there are also lots of epic online games on the market, which take up a lot of time playing them. Virtual games like Doom, Fortnite, League of Legends are made to dive into them, to conquer a foreign world and to turn into another character, much skilled and mightier than in real-life. Many people already lead a double life, online and offline, and they really enjoy it. They connect with like-minded people from all over the world, fight against or with them, and forget about the dullness around them. This is the heart of playing: People yearn to take some time out, experience thrilling adventures and forget about their troubles. These games allow them to take their break and disappear for a while.

Live role-playing: Getting away from

The same applies to live role-playing, but this kind of offline games is not as comfortable as online gaming. Quite the opposite! The preparations are extremely time-consuming, you need costumes, have to practice acting and get involved in a real plot. Depending on which character you represent, you have to learn fighting or magic spells and rituals. For the big role-playing day, you meet up with many other role-players at a castle or another historical site. And then you act as if there were no tomorrow! For some live role-players the world of their character became real life – und real life is just a boring waiting period before the next LARP (Live Action Role Playing) starts. They have even adopted a medieval language to become the person they want to be.

You see: Some people invest only a few minutes per day in their games, others live for it, they are inextricably linked to their game character. Most adults are somewhere in between, they have integrated games into their lives without being absorbed by them. What`s your position right now?