Learn About Different Types of Microphones

Audio is crucial when it comes to recording music or shooting a film. There is a lot of excellent content that you can make by using a microphone. However, it can be hard to determine which microphone is suitable for you considering that they usually have the same features. In this post, you will learn about different types of microphones.

Dynamic microphones

A dynamic microphone is a type of microphone you can find on the market. Many singers or comedians who perform on a stage like to use a dynamic microphone. This is because these microphones work well in noisy environments.

A dynamic microphone features a small coil placed inside it, and it can be sensitive to sound vibrations. When sound waves move through the coil, it’s converted into electrical signals that can be recorded. Therefore, you can use a dynamic microphone to record a singer on stage, interview a person on the street, or record a drum or guitar kick. 

A dynamic microphone is ideal for a variety of environments because the coil and magnets inside it are a bit more durable than other types of microphones. In most cases, they can take some beating without destroying them completely.

Condenser microphones

A condenser microphone is another popular type of microphone. This works slightly differently from a dynamic microphone and utilizes capacitor plates rather than magnets and a coil. You need to know that a condenser microphone is more sensitive to minor vibrations than a dynamic microphone.

You can decide to use a dynamic microphone with bass drums, but not a condenser microphone. You can use a condenser microphone if you want to capture the subtleties in a voice, such as when recording a singer in a studio.

There are a variety of uses for a condenser microphone compared to a dynamic microphone. This is because capacitor plates in a condenser microphone tend to be more fragile than a dynamic microphone. The only exception to this is a shotgun microphone, which is a large microphone people in movie sets use. 

These microphones are sensitive to softer sounds, so it’s a good idea to carry them so that you can pick up everything the actors or actresses are saying. A condenser microphone needs an external voltage source to work. Therefore, you have to find something to provide power to the microphone, such as an audio interface. 

Above all, the crucial step in getting the right microphone is to know exactly the kind of music you intend to record. Remember that you can purchase the most expensive microphone but still fail to get clear audio, especially if you are not in the right environment. 

You can also record instruments or vocals with a microphone. The good thing is that many microphone suppliers on the market offer a variety of these microphones. Therefore, you can ask them for advice on the most suitable microphone for you. And, knowing which microphone is important to you can also assist you to choose the type of microphone to buy.