5 Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoes for the Smartest Look

What you have chosen to wear on your feet can make or break your entire look! 

Have you not heard this before? Probably, many times! Right? Well, this blog is all about that. It will talk about the mens dress shoes guide; one of the most popular types of shoes for men.

Dress shoes have been a major part of men’s fashion for a long time, and surprisingly, they are not created for a common purpose. You can’t wear dress shoes anywhere, anytime, with anything you want! So, if you think that you can buy one pair of them for multiple purposes, you’ve got it wrong.

It depends on the occasion you are wearing it and the wardrobe you match it up with. Based on this, certain dress shoes are better than others. Read on to explore more about the best men’s dress shoes that can completely transform your look.

The Best Men’s Dress Shoes of All Time 

There are different types of men’s dress shoes available out there. We have discussed the most popular types in this blog; which are worth knowing about. Let’s explore


Oxfords are one of the most appealing types of dress shoes available nowadays. They are also known as Balmorals. Oxfords are leather shoes that come with a low instep and a thin sole that is not made of rubber.

One of the unique features of oxfords is their closed lacing. It makes oxfords one of the most elegant dress shoes for men. Often, cap-toes are used as a common accessory for oxfords. But you need to keep in mind that the sleeker you buy your oxford shoes, the more formal they will be.


Loafers can be one of the dressiest or sporty options men can have in their shoe collection. A classic loafer is typically a slip-on shoe that has a moc-toe construction. Loafers come with a wide and flat heel.

There can be different decorations for loafers, from tassels, metal snaffles to leather straps. If you are not attending a very casual occasion, you need to wear loafers with socks.

Dress Boots 

Do you have hefty combat boots? They are amazing but not perfect for a formal event or occasion. Rather, you need to choose dress boots in this scenario. They are slim, snug, and sleek. The dress boots often come with a small heel.

Moreover, when it comes to dress boots, they come mostly up to your ankles and are available in different styles like typical brogue wingtips, Cap-toe, etc. Here the usual shoe rules are applicable for dress boots. For example, shoes with more details are not so formal. The ones with few details are more formal. You can wear them with dark denim, dress trousers, or a casual suit for the smartest look!

It’s also important to ensure comfort and adjust your footwear to your area and climate. People living in colder areas love getting nice-looking mens Viking boots that can be worn with a variety of outfits. These are not only stylish but also keep your feet warm and provide a good grip on slippery surfaces.

Monk Straps 

Typically, if you hear about anything that is named after a religious ascetic, it doesn’t seem to be fun and happening. Right? But monk strap dress shoes for men don’t follow this concept. They are very interesting!

You are not right if you think monk strap dress shoes for men are like slip-ons. Instead, they come with a leather strap in the closing part of the shoe. Also, monk straps have a metal buckle on the shoe’s upper part. You can find different versions of monk strap dress shoes with one, two, and even three straps. If you are a man who likes to draw people’s attention to his unique tastes, monk strap dress shoes are perfect for you!

Derby Shoes 

The derby shoes are just like oxford; there is only one difference. The lacing of derby shoes is present in the outer portion of the shoe. Because of this, there are major visible flaps in the show. They look less formal than the closed lacing of Oxfords.

Derby shoes are available in different colors, materials, and styles, including brogue and non-brogue, cap-toed, wing-tipped, etc. Though it is not recommended to wear derby shoes with your finest outfits, they are perfect for your trendy casual attires.

Summing Up   

Hopefully, you are now aware of the most attractive types of dress shoes for men. How many of them do you have in your shoe collection? If you don’t have any of them or just have one or two, soon add all of these trendy dress shoes to your closet. And you will surely be able to rock every look that you will club with any of the above shoes.

Happy shoe styling!