Make the Most of Missoula’s International Flare

Missoula is known as the cultural capital of Montana. You can feel it on the streets. Missoula has a strong connection with different cultures from around the world. This is especially true compared to other places in Montana. If you have not yet, it is time to make the most out of this beautiful part of the fabric of Missoula.

Here are some simple steps you can take to enjoy the metropolitan flare of this small mountain city!

Check Out These Great International Restaurants

Because Missoula is home to so many people from all over the place, you can find lots of different types of food across the restaurant scene. This is because people bring their ways of cooking and eating with them.

One great example of this is the restaurant called Silk Road owned by Chef Abe Risho. This restaurant has food from all over the world and are experts at accommodating their plates to your tastes. Try their signature dish, the steak togarashi, is a steak marinated in Japanese 9 spice. This dish is both unique and delicious.

It is such a privilege to have great and varied cuisine in Missoula. It is great to make a concerted effort to explore the varied culture in Missoula. You will not regret trying these new experiences.

Missoula’s Hippie Roots

Missoula’s history is full of cultural references. This is nothing new for this beautiful town. Writers and other members of hippie culture have been moving to, being born in, or spending retreats in Missoula for decades. This is a longstanding tradition that continues to have repercussions

You probably recognize many of the famous names and people that have sprung from this cultural hotbed. For example, David Lynch was born in Missoula and is known as one of the world’s greatest directors, with plenty of works set in mountainous areas.

Norman Maclean is also from Missoula. His short story collection A River Runs Through It, was the first piece of fiction published by the University of Chicago Press. With a hippie-like focus on the natural landscape, he chronicles life in Missoula in the early 20th century.

Travel to Deepen Those Ties

It is no surprise that hippie culture has such strong ties to the Far East. If you are feeling inspired by the hippie roots, you might be thinking about a trip to Asia. There are some important ways that you should do before you go to make sure you do your trip in a safe and fun way.

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This is just one step of traveling safe and making the most out of your trip. You might be surprised how much traveling to the Far East will connect you to the hippy culture so present in Missoula.

Host an Exchange Student

One of the main sources of international influence in Missoula comes in the form of students. Many of these students are international scholars coming to study or work at the University of Montana at Missoula.  Because they are just students and coming from far away without much community, hosting them is a great way to help out.

Plus, you will learn a lot about different cultures. Living with someone will give you a fascinating window into their everyday life. Another benefit is that you will, by extension, become connected to the wider international community in Missoula. You will see the city in a whole new light.

You may even be able to speak with your local church, school, or community organization. They often have contacts for students who want to come to visit the country. This is often part of an exchange. This means that, vicariously, you will be facilitating the trip of a local resident to go spend a few months in another country.