Make the Most of Football Season for Your Brand

When the football season hits, people often anticipate a rise in NFL fans cheering for their favorite teams and players. However, football season isn’t just an exciting time for fans. In reality, it is also a great time for marketing experts who are wanting to kickstart their brands’ NFL marketing campaigns.

Many great brands participate in the event after spending a lot of their time planning their NFL marketing strategies. This is because the NFL brand and media have come up with a platform that is critical for brand growth. There are several ways to gain significant returns on your marketing investment with large exposure at this time of the year.

Special Offers and Promotions

Ensure you reach out to your locals by offering them some fun and unique promotions during the football season. If you own a bar or restaurant, your ideal way of offering specials during the football season would be to install televisions on which your customers can watch the game. But what if you aren’t a bar or restaurant with an option to televise the game?

The good news is that there are numerous other options for you to leverage these experiences. For instance, you can offer discounts to people who come in sporting their favorite team’s jersey. You can even hand out free football stress relievers to fans on the game day. If you’re also a football fanatic, visiting this famous Arkles Pub will provide you a fantastic atmosphere and serves as a great location to spectate a multitude of sports!

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate special offers and promotions during the football season, your small gesture will significantly help boost sales and give your company a chance to gain new, dedicated customers. Nevertheless, ensure you aren’t just supporting a single team. While you might certainly have a favorite team in your community, you don’t want to alienate opposing fans.

Promotional Products

Another popular option to market your brand during the football season is to offer products your audience can use at a football game. For instance, seat cushions and scarves tend to be very useful during a football game. Crafting promotional events like tailgates and pregame activities like corn hole sets or beer mugs will also prove quite beneficial.

You can hand out your promotional products near the game or anywhere within your community. The bottom line is that fans are passionate about their team and football in general. So, showing them that you share their fandom is a great way to help your brand win people. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate your brand identity into every aspect of your at-game marketing.

Become a Sponsor

As a brand that wants to market efficiently, you should ensure that professionals aren’t the only people getting all the attention in the football season. There are various ways with different tiers and monetary commitments you can leverage to build awareness about your brand in your community. For instance, if you want to have a campaign and boost your spirits branding development, one idea is to sponsor a local football team. Whether you wish to sponsor a school team or a recreational league is your choice. Either way, you will be able to get your name out there with a small donation to the team.

Often, many leagues will allow you to advertise your brand somewhere around the playing field or in the gaming day brochures. So, you can go all out and advertise on an interior or exterior stadium sign. You can also sponsor a concession at a stadium by offering stadium cups in bulk with your logo across the front.

Engage with Social Media

Even before the football season kicks off, many football fans turn to social media to feed their excitement and anticipation. In addition, they communicate and engage with the football community through social media, meaning such platforms are an excellent way for brands to offer promotions and engage followers to discuss the season on social media.

You could also host a social media giveaway, where you offer a small promotional product to everyone who likes your page during the football season. It can be something as simple as a rain poncho, hand warmers, or blanket. Another option is to host a giveaway with a few winners. Ask your social media followers to share a picture of themselves in the game day attire to participate.

Start a Fantasy Football League

One great way to involve employees and a larger community in the football season festivities is to start a fantasy football league. You can incorporate the regular get-togethers to review the league, and a prize can be offered at the end to a single winner. In addition, everyone involved in the league should be able to go to your business to watch the games together.

Stay Consistent and Continue Growing

With these marketing tips in mind, brands can keep their focus on building solid relationships with their consumers. While your marketing initiatives will help you bag a good number of users during the NFL season, your offerings as a brand will decide if they stick with you once the football season ceases.

The main idea is to not rush into things. Instead, sit down and think about your marketing strategies thoroughly before executing them. You don’t want to look like an inconsistent brand. Use this time to gain new customers and increase your brand awareness naturally.